Throwback Thursday – Family Reunion

Welcome to the latest edition of Throwback Thursday! This weeks installment brings to a close the “Brotherly Love” mini-arc from the original Skorpius Chronicles, aside from a small short piece that goes back to the beginning of the arc. Enjoy!

Originally posted 2012.01.06

YC 114.01.01
Osmon II – Moon 1 – Sisters of EVE Bureau

The lights in the room flickered as they turned on, illuminating its occupants as they sized each other up. One was female, the other male, both were Caldari, of Achuran decent. Neither of them spoke, just stood there awkwardly, wondering who would be brave enough to make the first move. For them, time stood still. After what felt like an eternity, the male spoke, but in reality only a couple of minutes had passed since the female had entered the room.

“Hi Marrada, its been a while.” He spoke nervously, not knowing what to say.
“Yeah, it has. Three and a half years,” Marrada replied. “Last time I saw you, your memory was shot and you barely knew who I was. That accident really messed you up.”
“Don’t remind me. That was an expensive trip to null.” Skorp replied calmly, starting to regain his confidence. “Pend Insurance refused to acknowledge the loss, claiming they had no records of the ship being insured, other than the base insurance level that all ships have. And the fittings weren’t very cheap either.”
“Yeah, they can be a bitch to deal with sometimes, thankfully I don’t have much to do with them, the Sisters have other means of insuring their vessels and employees.”

“Thanks for sending me those reports the Sisters had on my accident and the time I spent in their care while I recovered,” Skorp said.
“No problem, it was the least I could do, I just wish I could have stayed and helped you recover, but my superiors didn’t feel it was necessary, and my training had finished, so I had to leave,” she replied.
“Don’t worry about it, I barely even recognized you, and hardly knew who you were anyway, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference.”
“Yeah, well, I knew who you were, that was enough for me,” Marrada responded. “Did get the journal entries?” She asked him curiously.
“Yip, they were very helpful. Glad to see you were keeping yourself out of trouble,” he laughed.

The two siblings were sitting on the couch in the Amarr themed quarters, laughing as they shared stories with each other. They had been sitting there talking each others ear off for more than an hour when there was a knock at the door. Skorp called out and invited the visitor in. She was a small, light skinned Caldari Deteis, with a light frame. Her hair was jet black, shoulder length and tied in a pony tail. She had medium sized, perky breasts that were barely contained by the black skin-tight tank top she wore. She had a matching mini-skirt that barely reached her knees, and 4 inch high heels in black leather. She moved with the grace and poise of a dancer.

“Skorp, this is my girlfriend, Mila. Mila, this is my brother, Jaron, but he prefers to be called Skorp.” Marrada introduced them. “Mila has been keeping me out of trouble for two years now.
“I can see why.” replied Skorp, adjusting himself to avoid an embarrassing situation. “I can’t wait to get to know her better.”
“Oi, hands off, shes mine,” Marrada warned him. “Besides, I doubt you could handle her anyway, shes more of a handful than she looks.”
“We’ll see about that,” he teased.

“So, what were you doing with the lights off when i got here?” Marrada asked teasingly.
“Oh, just testing the new Ocular Implant I got for Christmas, it’s got Night Vision and Infra-Red filters, and a nice low-light setting. It’s from Genolution, brand new tech, its like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”
“I heard about those, Genolution gave one to almost every Capsuleer in the cluster,” Mila responded. “The Core Augmentation Implant set is truly an amazing feat.”
“I see someone likes to follow Capsuleer news.” Skorp nonchalantly observed. “How about you two ladies come work for me, at 352 Industries?” He asked.

“Marrada, I could use a new Personal Welfare Specialist, last one resigned just before the holidays to go take care of sick family members. Mila, I have no clue what the fuck you actually do, but I’m sure we could find something you can do for the corp. What do you say?”
“Hmm, that’s an interesting offer. I’m still on contract with the Sisters, but I’m due for another review this month, and have the option to terminate my employment without penalty then, I’ll have to think about it.” Marrada replied after giving the offer some thought. “As for Mila, well she can speak for herself.”
“Well, I’ve got another job offer I’m looking into, but in the mean time, sure, I haven’t got anything better to do. At least, not when Marrada’s busy I don’t!” Mila replied with a cheeky look at Marrada.

Fiction Friday – Open For Business

Welcome to another Fiction Friday! It’s a bit late this week, sorry about that. I had originally started writing this with the intention of entering it into the pod and planet fiction contest, but just couldn’t get it to mesh properly in my head. It has turned into one of the longest pieces I have ever written, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. After the first few sentences, the start kinda got a bit meh, and isn’t nearly what I would like. I hope you enjoy!

YC 116.12.01
352 Industries HQ
Korama V – Moon 20 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

“Hurry up and get those supplies loaded, we are on the tight schedule and Mrs Hearn will not be happy if we miss the deadline!”
The hanger foreman wiped his brow and took another swig from his water bottle.
“Sir, we have a problem!” One of his underlings panted as he tried to catch his breath.
“What is it?” The foreman turned to face the worker.
“Someone claiming to be from CONCORD is claiming he has legal documents requiring us to stop work. Mrs Hearns license isn’t valid.”
“Fuck. Tell everyone to take sixty. Send the CONCORD representative to my office, I need to page Mrs Hearn.” The foreman wiped his brow again, a look of concern on his face.

“What is going on here Gibbson?” Marrada Hearn strode into the foremans office demanding answers.
“Ah, Miss Hearn, so glad you could join us at last.” The CONCORD representative stood up and turned to face the capsuleer. “You have a lot of gall keeping a CONCORD official waiting for nearly 5 hours.”
“And you have a lot of gall coming in here and getting in the way of a capsuleer. My license was reactivated yesterday and you damn well know it. You have 30 seconds to tell me what’s going on before my head of security gets here and ejects you out of the nearest airlock.” Marrada spat back at the official.

“We checked your license documents. There are some discrepancies we need to discuss.” The official said matter of factly.
“Well clearly you didn’t do your fucking jobs properly, because if you had, you would have seen the attached documents explaining those discrepancies.” Marrada was angry now.
“How dare you come down here and disrupt my operations without even doing your job properly. Your 30 seconds are up, either get the fuck out or I will have to thrown out. And I will be filing an official complaint.”
Marrada Turned left the room, just as the 6 foot tall Head of Security arrived to escort the CONCORD representative from the premises.

“Hey Mar, what’s happening?” A shadowy figure stood in the doorway.
“Karras! Where have you been bro?” Marrada ran up to her brother and have him a big hug. “I’ve missed you!”
“Oh you know me, I’ve been keeping busy.” Karras chuckled as he returned the hug.
“Actually, I’ve kinda been stuck in a medical facility for most of the last year.”
“What? Why?” Marrada asked with concern.
“Had a little accident about a year ago while relaxing in my quarters.” Karras sighed before continuing. “Apparently passing out and nearly slicing your own hand off is bad.”
“Damn bro, why didn’t you call or something?”
“Well, partly because I didn’t want you guys worrying about me. But mostly because I spent large chunks of time either sedated or otherwise incoherent.” Karras sat down on the sofa.
“But enough about me, what’s new with you sis?”

“Oh you know, the usual, running the corp. Just got a couple of new recruits, and am hoping to get a few more from a comms channel I frequently hang out in. Going to go on a recruitment drive.” Marrada sat down next to him.
“Sounds like fun times. Mind if I tag along? I need to get out more.”
“Sure thing. Just try to stay out of trouble. And no using knives without an adult around!” Marrada hugged her brother. “It’s good to have you around again.”

“So, how are the new recruits?” A sultry female voice drifted in from the shadows.
“Mila! You made it. How was the shuttle I sent you?” Marrada dropped her towel as she ran over to greet her wife.
“Boring as usual” Mila giggled before returning the hug and slapping Marrada on the ass.
The two capsuleers disappeared down the hallway to the bedroom, Mila shedding her clothes on the way and producing a pair of leather cuffs.
“Oh and I bought some new cuffs, lets give them a trial run shall we?” She smiled with an evil look on her face.

Four figures sat around a table, enjoying each others company and a meal together.
“When was the last time we all got together and had dinner?” One of the female asked as she had another sip of wine.
“Probably the wedding, replied one of the males, “but my memory ain’t what it used to be.”
As the group all laughed at the joke, a messenger appeared and passed a note to the other male.
“Fuck. I’m being recalled to active duty. Doc’s just gave me a clean bill of health. I’ll be on a shuttle out of here first thing in the morning.”
“Damn. Well it was nice being a family again. We’ll have to make sure we do this on a regular basis. How does the 25th sound to everything?” The female with longer shoulder length hair asked.
“Definitely. I’d better be going too, need to get back to Fliet before Marcel decides to dock my pay. Or give me POS fueling duty.”

YC 116.12.02
Marrada Hearn’s Private Hanger
Korama V – Moon 20 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

“What the fuck are you playing around at?” The foreman screamed. “Get your shit together or I’ll have you ejected out of the nearest airlock!”
The foreman was fed up with his worked fooling around and was ready to fire the lot of them, muttering to himself, he walked back to his office.
“Who do you need me to replace?” The foreman was started by the presence of his boss in his office.
“Miss Hearn! To what do I owe the pleasure?” The foreman quickly regained his composure, and offered his boss something to drink from the selection of liquor he kept in a pocked draw.
“I think you have been doing a fucking amazing job Gibbson. I’m offering you a promotion.” Marrada politely declined the drink. “I want you to be the new Chief Hanger Logistics Officer for 352 Industries.”

“Seriously? Wow! That’s such an honor!” Gibbson was ecstatic.
“This promotion will come with a hefty pay rise, but it also carries an increased workload. The plus side is you will no longer be working down here in the hanger. Instead you will be working in the corporations offices. You will now be responsible for ensuring the hangers of all corporation members are running smoothly and as efficiently as possible. This means you will have full hiring and firing authorizations.” Marrada smiled.
“Now, take the rest of the week off and go celebrate. I’ll pick up the tab.”

Marrada Hearn sat in her office, staring out the giant wall sized window into space, watching the twinkle of what was being called “Caroline’s Star” when there was a knock at the door.
“Come in!” She said still half day dreaming.
“Mar, why don’t you just grab a frigate an fly out to Vale and see it up close?” Mila Hearn suggested as she entered the office.
“Because I’m needed here, I’ve got a corporation to run, especially now that we are actively opening the doors to other pilots.” Marrada signed as she turned around in her chair to face her beautiful wife. “And I don’t have anything suitable.”
“So just go to Jita and get a Raptor or Buzzard.”
“You know I can’t fly either of those ships.” Marrada replied. “Right, on to business. You are being officially promoted. You will now be 352 Industries Chief Media Liaison.”
“About fucking time.” Mila giggled. “But in all seriousness, thank you. It has been a long time coming and it’s nice to finally get the paycheck that comes with being formally recognized.”
“Don’t celebrate too much. We’ll need you to deal with the media inquiries were are going to start receiving in a few days. We have some things planned that may make the headlines. The final timeline for these plans has not yet been determined, but things should being to pick up soon.”

Throwback Thursday – Ambulation Ambush

Welcome to Throwback Thurday! Today we have the third part of the main arc from The Skorpius Chronicles. Enjoy!

Originally Posted 2012.01.04
YC 113.12.31
Osmon II – Moon 2 – Sisters of EVE Bureau

A cloaked and hooded figure hurried through the corridors of the bustling space station. The comm unit in her pocket beeped. A smile crept across her face as she reads the message. It contained just two words. He’s here. She quickly disappeared down a small side corridor, knowing it would take her to her new destination quicker than the main corridor she had been following. While she walked she thought about what she was going to do when she got there. Would she hug him? Would she punch him in the face? Would she scream and yell at him? Thoughts raced through her mind faster than light speed, nervousness crept in. How would he react? What would he do? Would he be happy to see her? Would he be angry with her?

The closer to the Capsuleer decks she got, the less people there were, as was normal on most stations in the cluster. Five minutes had passed since she received the message that would change the lives of at least two people, possibly more. By now she figured he would have exited his pod and be showering to get the pod goo off, so she had at least another five before he would think of leaving his quarters, more than enough time to get through security and locate his room. She looked at her watch. “Nearly Midnight,” she thought to herself. Normal people would be tucked up in bed on almost any other night of the year, but as it was New Years Eve, most were out partying. Almost everyone she passed in the corridors had been drinking, many of them visibly so.

As a member of the Sisters of EVE, there weren’t many opportunities to drink. It’s never a good idea to drink when you are on call, and working for the Sisters means you are almost always on call, or working. The Capsuleer’s make sure of that. If you aren’t busy checking on crews, or tending to the injured from the latest Raven to dock at the station, there is a mountain of paperwork and reports to fill out. Or crew members who need to be interviewed. Part of it is the Sisters fault, so many rules and regulations that you have to follow. If you didn’t, you could have your pay docked, or be sent to the middle of null, to serve on a shit hole station in the middle of a war-zone. Still, it does have its perks. Marrada smiled as she thought of Mila’s naked body.

Hopefully her girlfriend wouldn’t be too upset that she had been deserted, especially on a night like tonight. She hated the way she sulked when she was angry. Maybe Mila would spank her, she loved a good spanking. She shook the thoughts from her head, there would be time for that later, now it was time to focus on meeting someone she hadn’t seen for more than 3 years, someone she once knew but had barely spoken to in 4 years. Someone she had looked up to when she was younger and who she hoped to get to know again. Someone who had looked after her so many times when her parents weren’t home. Who had taught her so much about life. Her oldest brother. He had visited the station she was on several times, and had even done some work for the Sisters agents that worked there.

She had been back at Sisters HQ in null sec, for a refresher course on basic first aid, and had missed out on the chance to talk to him. After her return she had been so busy that even though he was still only a couple of jumps away, she had been unable to go and visit him. But now, on the one day a year when everyone got the night off, he had come back, and she finally had a chance to meet him. She reached his room shortly after midnight, the maze of corridors and her own unfamiliarity with this particular area of the station making her journey slightly longer than she had intended. The door was open so she knocked politely, took a deep breath, and entered the room.

Pod and Planet Entry – After Action Relaxation

The following is based on actual events within the game, slightly altered to maintain OPSEC and because my memory is not all that great, and expanded on from an IC perspective.

YC 116.11.26
Aideron Robotics HQ
Fliet, Essence

Beep Beep Beep
Jaron checked his datapad. The message was marked as urgent.
“All available pilots X up, we need frigs ASAP!”
He grinned as he made his way to his hanger, it had been far too long since he had last seen combat and he was eager to get back into the action.
As his Merlin class frigate hummed into life, the grin got wider. “Something is about to happen that has not happened in an age,” he spoke into comms. “I’m undocking and ready to engage!”

“I have him pointed.” Jaron informed his fleet.
As his railguns started stripping away the enemy Tristan’s shields, it returned fire.
“I’m pointed. Shit, he’s got neuts! I’m capped out.” As his armor becan to bunckle under enemy fire, he prepared to warp his pod out.
“I’m down.” He calmly informed his fleet as he warped his pod back to station.

Jarons fleet swarmed the enemy catalyst.
“Point, web.” Jaron spoke clearly into comms as his fleet started stripping away the catalysts defences, causing it to explode in short order.
Jaron was finally letting himself relax, having been on edge for most of the last 10 minutes. That first kill quickly wiped the loss just minutes earlier from his mind as he focused on what the FC was saying and following the instructions he was given.

[REDACTED] 352 Industries Facility
Sinq Laison Region

The water was warm and the bubbles smelled amazing.
Beep Beep Beep
A hand reached out from the bubbles and pressed a button on the datapad sitting next to the tub.
“Dammit, can’t a man relax after a hard day’s work?” Jaron swore.
“Sorry bro. I thought I’d let you know that all my paperwork to have my license reactivated is ready.” A womans voice drifted through the datapads speakers.
“Oh, hey Mar. Cool, do you need me to sign off on anything or is everything sorted?” Jaron smiled.
“Just waiting for your approval. Want me to bring them to you?”
“Nah, I’ll jump in a ceptor and come to you, Still stuck in Niballe?”
“Yeah. They revoked my access to corp funds, so I can’t risk paying for a shuttle out of here.”

Niballe System
Soliude Region

Jaron smiled and looked out at the empty space around him as the Raptor class interceptor’s warp drive engaged, enveloping him in the glow of a warp tunnel.
“Solitude, it’s been a while.”
The station loomed large in front of him as the warp tunnel dissipated and he laid in a course to the docking perimeter.
“Docking Request Accepted” Aura informed him.

Stepping out of the shower in the quarters assigned to him, Jaron grabbed a towel and started drying off just as there was a knock at the door.
Wrapping the towel around his waist, he jabbed the button to open the door and headed to the kitchen.
“Hey sis, did you bring the documents?”
“Put some clothes on will you?” Marrada giggled.
“Ha! I only just got out of the shower! You didn’t even give me time to get dressed. Luckily there was a towel nearby.” Jaron chuckled back at his sister.
“Yeah, I brought the documents. Are you going to be here for long?”
“Nah, gotta get back to Fliet ASAP. Marcel only gave me a couple hours leave.”

Lore – What is is good for?

Make sure you sing that title to the tune of “War” by Edwin Starr.

NOTE: This post is an OOC piece about the recent events in Eve Online, although there will be some parts that appear to be IC, rest assured that they are not attempting to imply that my character knows theses things and are simply a result of my writing style. On with the show!

There are many strange happenings in New Eden of late. Sansha’s running scared. The appearance of what some are now calling Carolines Star. Sleeper sites appearing in K-Space. (On SiSi only at this point) the disappearance of stargates within Jove space and the nearby “Dev Regions” (with the exception of a mall handful of systems that CCP still uses for testing). And of course the appearance of a fake Hillen Tukoss and the reappearance of the real one (supposedly). Are all of these events linked? Possibly.

Hilen Tukoss
Lets start with Hillen Tukoss. On 2014.10.24 a thread was posted in the Intergalatic Summit (IGS) section of the official forums, by the Hillen Tukoss character. This character had not been heard form since CCP Dropbear left the company, several years ago. Many players, including myself believed that CCP had abandoned the Arek’Jalaan Project and that it would be left to rot. So seeing Tukoss reappear gave many people hope that particular storyline would be revived. At the same time, many players from an IC prespective were skeptical, and questioned whether it was actually Tukoss, wanting proof that it was actually Tukoss posting those messages, and not someone pretending to be Tukoss. Others accepted that it was indeed the real Tukoss, and so followed the instructions given in the two initial posts. The second Tukoss post can be found here

Then on 2014.11.12 a third thread was posted by Tukoss. This third thread was different from the first two, with large patches of text missing, replaced by hyphens. Several players immediately took to the challenge and filled in the gaps for the rest of us who were either unable to fill in the gaps, or were just too lazy to do it ourselves. This third post claimed that the first two posts were fake.

Stargates disappearing
Next, lets talk about the disappearing stargates. So far, this is only on SiSi, so we don’t know when or if this change will make it to TQ. Nor do we know if it actually means anything. It could just be CCP trimming the database, as those gates are not accessible to players, they don’t actually need to be there. From an IC perspective, it makes no sense for the Jove to allow their gate network to be displayed to capsuleer’s. We don’t even know if the Jove need gates, they make have access to technology that makes gate travel seem primitive in comparison, think jump drives that don’t need cyno’s.

Some players have suggested that the removal of these gates is related to the events currently taking place on TQ and that it indicates that something cataclysmic has happened in Jove space, but I don’t think so. I don’t believe it has anything to do with current events, and is either a trimming of the DB, or a change meant to imply that the Jove no longer need start gates.

K-Space Sleeper Sites
IMO, this is clearly a part of the current storyline. Although I don’t know how yet, I am convinced that has something to with what’s happening with the lore. Otherwise, it’s too much of a co-incidence that Sleeper sites are appearing in K-Space at the same time that Hillen Tukoss has reappeared, Carolines Star appeared and the Sansha have apparently shat their pants and run away (more on that in a moment). OOC, I can see why they have released these new sites, more content, and they serve as a way to introduce some new loot (polarized weapons). But CCP have tied them to Sleepers. I don’t think that is an accident, I think it is done intentionally and that it relates to the other events I talk about in this post (except the stargates on SiSi, those are just a red herring).

Sanshas Nation
Now lets talk about Sanshas Nation. They recently decided to evac from an incursion by using stargates, rather than the usual wormholes. This is so far out of the normal that it raised mroe than a few eyebrows, and set several players off on a manhunt, searching for the Sansha forces in the nearby systems. They ultimately found nothing, but it was shortly after this event (and I think possibly during the search for Sansha forces) that the next item on the list was discovered, but we’ll get to that shortly. For Sanshas Nation to be running away from an incursion using stargates, something big must have happened, and it probably won’t be good news for the rest of us either.

Carolines Star
Finally we come to the most recent part of the storyline. Dubbed “Carolines Star” by players, a bright anomaly has appeared in the sky visible in all systems in the cluster, except W-Space. No one knows what it is or what it means yet, but it’s probably going to be awesome, seeing as the last time something like this happened, we got w-space a year later. This almost definately ties in with the upcomign Rhea release and the other storyline events that are currently happening. So far, Carolines Star has been triangulated to the W477-P system in the UUA-F4 region, one of the regions we can’t access (and one of the regions whose stargates are no longer present on SiSi, which is probably why some players think said disappearing gates are tied to current events, but I remain unconvinced).

So how are all of these events connected? I have no fucking clue, but I look forward to finding out. And I’m looking forward to what CCP has in store for us in the coming months. Bring on Rhea in a couple of week, and Merry Christmas to us all!

Fiction Friday (Or Throwback Thursday Part 2) – Sister Act

Welcome to another exciting Fiction Friday. Okay, maybe this one isn’t so exciting. I’ve been lazy this week, playing EVE like some kind of monster instead of blogging like some kind of, well, like some kind of Rixx Javix! [Disclaimer: I am in no way implying that Rixx doesn’t play, just that he happens to have a blog. And that he posts on it. Sometimes a lot. And he smells funny. Funny haha, not funny Peculiar]

Here we have the second part of the main arc from The Skorpius Chronicles. And the first part of what I previously called the “Brotherly Love” series, I have dropped that moniker this time around, as I don’t think it fits very well. On with the show!

Originally Posted 2012.01.02
Originally Titled Brotherly Love Part 1: Sister Act

The following is another excerpt from the personal journal of my sister, Marrada Hearn. As with the first, it was sent to me in hopes that it might contain information relevant to my search for answers as to what caused my memory loss.

YC 110.09
X-7OMU IV – Moon 3 – Sisters of EVE Academy

Well shit. Things have certainly become interesting around here in the last two weeks. That Capsuleer I was writing about last time? Turns out he actually is my brother! The Doctors entered his DNA into the sisters Database and it came back as being a sibling match to mine! Further tests have proven it! Wow! I didn’t think I would see my brother again so soon! Karras will be thrilled to hear it when he gets my next letter. The Doctors haven’t told him yet, they say he is still too fragile, and that there was evidence that he had suppressed memories, and that as there were no records in any Database they could find that indicated he had any family, indicating that he may have suppressed the fact that he had a family.

My brothers Caracal was recovered yesterday. There’s not much of it left as the reactors went critical and exploded, destroying most of the ship, but the bridge was largely intact, and the Sisters were able to recover a large amount of data. Something happened to the Capsules Neural-Interface, the Engineers are completely baffled – they haven’t seen anything like this before, and these are some of the best Engineers in the cluster. When the ships Crew Chief discovered that the Capsule was no longer in control of the ship he realized that something was wrong, and initiated evacuation procedures. Then he activated the ships distress beacon, alerting the Sisters to the crews plight. The reason why the ship exploded is still unknown, the data is still being shifted through.

Today I met my brother for the first time in 9 months! The Doctors say his personality is intact, but he is still suffering from memory loss, he doesn’t remember much from the last 4 years. He’s different than I remember him, hes lost his “bad boy” attitude, and is generally a much nicer person than he was when I last talked to him after he got his Capsuleers Licence from CONCORD. He is no longer self-centered, showing much more concern for concern for others than I remember. His crew is very well paid, more so than most crews on-board Capsuleer ships, and they all have a very nice life insurance policy, meaning if they die, their families can live in luxury. They also get access to some of the best health care in the cluster, any health issues are paid for by my brother.

I had hoped to be assigned to my brothers crew, but my superiors have another mission for me. My training is finished and I have been given my first official assignment as a member of the Sisters of EVE. I’ll be leaving for low sec tomorrow, travelling via cyno jump, on-board a Chimera class Caldari Carrier. Our route and destination have been classified for Op Sec, but once we arrive at our destination, I’ll have a day to relax in station, before my shuttle to high sec leaves. My end destination is the Sister of EVE station in Osmon, where I’ll be stationed for the foreseeable future. I’m really excited about receiving my first assignment, but disappointed that I wont be able to be with my brother as he recovers, he could really use some support.

Throwback Thursday – Sisters are Doing it For Themselves

Yes I am well aware that it is not Thursday. I don’t care. Things have been a bit crazy around here the last couple of days, and I decided I would play some EVE on Wednesday and Thursday instead of getting this post ready. I regret nothing.

This is the first part of what eventually became the main story arc of my old blog “The Skorpius Chronicles”. So for the next 6 or so weeks, I’ll be attempting to publish TWO parts each week, one of Thursdays, the other on an as yet undecided day, possibly Monday (except this week, where I’ll be posting another part tomorrow as a late Fiction Friday post as I haven’t had time to prepare anything fresh this week)

Originally Posted 2011.12.30

The following is an excerpt from the personal journal of my sister, Marrada Hearn. It was sent to me in hopes that it might contain information relevant to my search for answers as to what caused my memory loss. Read on at your own peril!

YC 110.09.[REDACTED]
X-7OMU IV – Moon 3 – Sisters of EVE Academy

Station life can be a bitch. Especially when you live deep in the lawless regions of Null Sec. On most stations, working for the Sisters of EVE has its perks, it can even get you access to the Capsuleer decks on some stations. But when the Sisters of EVE run the station, that won’t get you far. Sure, someone with my level of access can still get to the Capsuleer decks, but that’s because my job often requires it. When your job is to check on the welfare of the crews on board Capsuleer ships, you need to be able to get to those ships. You also often need to be discrete about it, as some Capsuleer’s don’t like anyone snooping around their ships, no matter who they work for. Paranoid bunch of fucks they are.

My brother is a Capsuleer, I don’t know what he is registered as in the CONCORD database, as I haven’t heard from him since he received his Capsuleers Licence from CONCORD at the end of last year. Maybe one day I’ll run into him while checking on the welfare of Capsuleer crews. I hope he is more like that Capsuleer that was recently found floating in his pod near planet five of the X-7OMU system, where i am currently stationed. He’s a really nice guy and really looks after his crews. It was his crew that alerted us to his situation. For some reason the ship self destructed, thankfully all the crew were able to get to their life rafts and evac in time. After the Caracal class Caldari cruiser exploded the pod went dark, there was no response on any channels from its occupant, it just floated there.

I think his name is Darth Skorpius, he is an Achura like myself, and he actually reminds me of my brother. I’ve been assigned to his crew, so I’ll be looking after them while they are station bound, which could be for a while. My superior’s are keeping quit on whats going on, but from what little information I could gather, there was some sort of malfunction with the pod, and there was a problem getting him out, which seems to have damaged his memory to some extent. It sounds pretty serious, a couple of my friends are Doctors and while they wont tell me much, they are really concerned. They said there could be some permanent damage, but its too early to tell. It sounds like he could be here for a couple of months as he has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

Maybe I can get to know him a bit better, although my current clearance level isn’t high enough to get me into the medical facilities where he is being kept under observation. Having access to his crew might help though, as he is likely to come and check up on them at some point, once he is well enough to do so, perhaps I’ll get to met him then. There’s even some talk that I might get assigned to his ship once he is well enough to leave again, as a sort of liaison or something, the details are still being worked out, and I’ll need some further training, most likely as a medical officer. Time will tell.

Other than that, there hasn’t been much happening around here. This station is mostly a training facility, where new employees and agents for the Sisters of EVE come to receive the training they need to carry out their jobs, so there isn’t too much excitement, except when the Capsuleers decide to stage one of their massive “fleet fights” here, then its all hands on deck. Gotta go now, I’m being paged to the capsuleer decks…

Throwback Thursday – Four More Years!

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Throwback Thursday is going to run alongside Fiction Friday as a regular feature but unlike Fiction Friday which will mostly contain new and unpublished content, Throwback Thursday will be used to re-post old material from my last blog. And when I run out of old content, I’ll find other old content from others to re-post (if they let me) or simply throw a spotlight on (if they don’t let me). So if you have some old fiction content you would like to have (re)posted, or would like to get more people reading, send me an EveMail (character name “Darth Skorpius”) or hit me up on Twitter. You can also contact me via those same methods if you have some new fiction that would want to publish, but don’t want to start your own blog for it (full credit will be given).

This first Throwback Thursday piece is significant in that it was the first real piece of fiction I ever wrote, I had written various in character posts in various places (and in a few other games too!) But had never created an actual story. It was written to celebrate the end of my fourth year playing Eve. That was three years ago and I am about to start my eight year, which I find incredible. Soon it will be time to start planning my ten year anniversary!

Originally published 2011.12.22
//Begin Transmission

YC 109.12.26 02:25
Kisogo VII – State War Academy School

The room was dimly lit, the only light source was a Holo-Vid Screen attached to one wall to the left of the doorway. Opposite the doorway the wall had been replaced by a floor to ceiling window, looking out over the hanger below. To the right, was a small kitchenette, nothing fancy, just the basics. A couch sat facing the Vid Screen, and a small coffee table with several large cushions for seats sat behind the couch. To the left of the Vid Screen was a doorway leading to a small unlit hallway.

As a small Datapad on the coffee table blinked and beeped, Jaron Hearn stumbled out of the hallway silently swearing to himself. “Who the fuck is calling at this time of night?” he asked himself, still half asleep. Picking it up he noticed the caller was listed as ‘State War Academy’. He swore to himself before pressing the answer button.
“Who are you, and what the fuck do you want?” he snapped.
“Hello Mr Hearn, my name is Toiniainen Omu, I am an Agent working for the State War Academy on the station in orbit of planet seven of the Kisogo system, although I’m sure you already knew most of that.” The caller was Caldari and looked no different from any other Caldari citizen.
“Get to the point so I can get back to sleep,” Jaron demanded.
“Very well,” Toiniainen responded. “I am delighted to inform you that your request for a CONCORD Capsuleer’s Licence has been accepted, effective immediately. When you are ready, please come to my office so we can take your licence photo and validate your chosen alias. Then I have a few basic missions for you to carry out in order to ease you into your new life as a Capsuleer. I will also provide you with your first ship, an Ibis class Rookie Frigate. It’s uglier than Slaver Shit, but it will do for a start. Congratulations and welcome aboard!”

Jaron was speechless. After that ugly incident at his graduation a few months previously, where he had been brainwashed into attacking his lecturers, he had thought all his hopes of ever being granted a Capsuleer Licence has gone out the window. He was lucky not to be in prison and had endured over a month of interrogation during which he was locked away in the stations holding cells. If it wasn’t for his parents life insurance policies, he and his siblings would have been left with nothing.

The Datapad beeped again. Jaron picked it up, all thoughts of sleep had now disappeared from his mind, it was time to party!
“Hey Sis, whats happening?” he asked cheerfully.
Marrada, Jaron’s sister was on the other end. “Hey Skorpy, you sound cheerful for 2am, you get laid or something?” she asked jokingly.
“Nah Sis, just got my Capsuleer Licence, all our money problems are no more!” Jaron yelled.
“Oh shit! wait until Karras hears about this! Mum and Dad would be so proud!”
Smiling, Jaron asked “What did you want to talk about?”
“Oh, nothing important, it can wait.” replied his sister, with an equally big grin on her face. “I’ll talk to you later, I’m going to tell everyone we know!”

Jaron put down his Datapad and jumped with joy. He walked down the hallway to the bathroom and got in the shower. After a nice relaxing shower he got back into bed. 12 Hours later, he dressed and headed to the Agent levels of the station, using the temp ID the agent who called him had given him. He paused as he reached the agents office, then he Knocked on the door. A voice called out “Come in.” He took a deep breath, then pushed the door open and entered.

//End Transmission

The preceding story is an original piece of Fan Fiction written by myself to celebrate a milestone. My character will be 4 years old in a couple of days. When I was planning my fiction contest I had planned on posting the winners on my characters 4 year anniversary, but that plan went out the window when I didn’t receive as many entries as I was expecting.

The last 4 years have been pretty interesting for me. I’ve lived in 0.0 a couple of times, with different groups, and I’ve hung out in Hi Sec quite a bit. This last year has been the most interesting for me. After taking a break from Eve I left the 0.0 corp i was in and headed back to Hi Sec to try and build up my wallet and make my alt corp into something other than a place for my alts to hang out. Then Pyro scammed me into join Legion of Darkwind. I ran my first community contest that was sort of successful, even getting CCP to donate a pair of PLEX. Then I made the stupid decision to start this blog, what the fuck was I thinking.

Where will the next four years take me? Who knows, but it sure is going to be fun finding out! I hope you will all join me on this journey, as it should be a blast!