Mmm Tasty Fiction

I spent some time over the last couple of days using The Wayback Machine to see how much of my old blog was still preserved in archive. I was initially saddened because the copies I was able to get seemed to have large gaps in them, meaning I was going to lose content

However, after saving every piece of fiction I could, with the date it was published in the file name, I can now happily report that I have 21 pieces of original fiction (almost) ready to be re-posted here. I’m going to read through it all and correct any errors (spelling mistakes, missing words, grammar that doesn’t make sense) before re-posting it. Each piece will be checked prior to being posted here. I’m hoping to have the first piece ready to go by the end of the week, just in time for an end of exam celebration with the revival of Fiction Friday. Most of it will be posted in the same order it was released, but some of it can be release out of order, without spoiling the rest of it.

IC: The Return

YC 116.11.1
ThreeFiveTwo R&D Facility,

Beep Beep Beep
“What the fuck?”
Jaron sat bolt upright in his bed, blinking in disbelief at the message he was now reading.
“That can’t be right.” He frowned at the screen.
“What time is it?” A sleeping figure grumbled from beside him.
“That’s irrelephant” he chuckled in reply. “Go back to sleep, CONCORD just reinstated my pilots license, I’ve got to go to work. I’ll wake you in a couple of hours”.

“Well I’ll be damned, the bastard is still alive.”
Jaron was sitting in his private study sipping on a hot brew of a mysterious tea, while catching up on the latest happenings in the cluster.
“Kerrigan remind me to put together a message to Hilen Tukoss, welcoming him back to the living after his long absence.”
“Yes Sir.”

Location Unknown
Several months ago…

“Will someone please turn off that fucking alarm!” Jaron angrily shouted
Surrounded by chaos, he has somehow managed to stay calm, but was now starting to lose his patience. The incompetence of his now former employees had resulted in at least three separate explosions already, with more likely to occur, nothing could be done to stop them.
Silence fell upon the facility. “About time someone did something right around here!” He said to the now empty control room where he was monitoring the chaos.
“Everyone still employed has now been evacuated, with most of the former employees also evacuated. You can now proceed to your capsule, I’ll handle the rest.” A mysterious voice echoed through the comms system.
“Who the fuck are you, and why are on my secure channel?” Jaron hissed as he sprinted towards the hydrostatic capsule room.
“Sorry Sir, I’m your new head of security, I just started yesterday. I’ll explain more once you are clear of the facility and the situation has been contained.” The voice replied.

A large explosion shook the ground.
“Fuck me that was close” Jaron gasped in between breaths.
“A little too close for my liking Sir, you better move your ass if you want to make it out alive, my data shows the next to go will be the one right underneath the main hanger, where your ship and capsule are located.” The mysterious Security Officer informed him, clearly this guy knew his stuff.
“I’m almost there, just a few dozen meters to go.”
Climbing into the capsule as it powered up, Jaron started powering his ship, a Manticore class stealth bomber.
Suddenly, time seemed to stand still. First the ground moved, then shook. Then the room got incredibly bright. “Too late” breathed Jaron, as he hit the emergency close button on his capsule.

ThreeFiveTwo Medical Facility,
Approximately one month later…

“Good Evening Sir, how are you today?”
“Hello Kerrigan, I’m doing okay. Memory is still fuzzy, but a forced cloning in an improperly closed capsule will do that to you.” Jaron chuckled as he sat up in bed. “Did the doctors say how munch longer I’ll be in here for?”
“Another week or two. They say you may never get all those lost memories back, but that some of them may eventually return.” Kerrigan replied. “The doctors did however say that you won’t be cleared to operate a ship or capsule for a couple more months, something about needing to make sure your brain isn’t fried. The doctors don’t know what effects the process may have had on your brain, it’s obvious that some damage has occurred, but they don’t know exactly what effect that will have on your ability to operate a capsule.”

ThreeFiveTwo HQ,
Jolia, Sinq Laison

“Marrada! It’s good to see you again, it’s been too long! “Jaron exclaimed as he hugged his sister.
“Yes it has. Karras has been missing you too, and should be coming by to visit soon, as soon as his current mission is completed.” Marrada returned the embrace. “How’s the lady been treating you? Taking care of you I hope.”
“She is well, out visiting family and friends today.” Jaron replied as he poured drinks for everyone.
“I see that Karras’ friend has been earning his paycheck.” Marrada motioned to the Security Officer sitting quietly on the sofa.
Jaron laughed, “Ha! He is still not convinced that the facility wasn’t sabotaged, despite all the evidence pointing to the incompetence of the workers. But he does good work, so I’ll keep him around.”
“You do know I can hear you right?” A mysterious voice called out from the sofa.
“Yes we do, nice to see you, Kerrigan.” Marrada gave him a wave.
Jaron pulled his datapad from his pocket and checked the message that had just arrived.
“That reminds me, my medical clearance was granted yesterday, my pilots license has been reinstated. Although I’ve just received a message informing me that it is currently only temporary, for 10 days, so they can judge my suitability and how I cope.”
“That’s great news!” Marrada joyfully hugged her brother again. “I’ll let Mila and Karras know, then we can begin to take the corp out of stasis.”
“Not so fast Marrada. You still don’t have a valid pilots license, neither does Mila. And Karras doesn’t want to go back to full active duty yet, he’s happy just doing the odd security contract here and there.”
“Bah, you always spoil my fun.” Marrada poked her tongue out at Jaron.
“It’s a tough job, but someone has to keep you lot in check.” Jaron replied in kind.
“So then what are you going to do, if you aren’t reviving the corp?”
“Technically, I’m still employed by Aideron Robotics, and I know I’m always welcome there, so I’ll be heading back to the war zone, once I get my bearings again, which could take a couple of days.”
“Yeah, but at least it’s a start. Once you are back in space, hopefully we’ll be able to get me back in space soon enough.”
“Maybe. But for now, lets just finish working on the re-branding and getting me back into the capsule. Then we can worry about the other stuff in a couple of months.”
“Fair enough, it was good seeing you again, make sure you come and visit more often, don’t get stuck in that war zone to too long.” Marrada hugged her brother and left with a wave.
“Okay Kerrigan, time for a trip, get the corporate shuttle ready, time to head back to my hanger and start preparations.” Jaron downed his drink and headed to his bedroom.
“Yes Sir. I will make sure everything is ready for you when we get there. I’ll have the ship crews recalled from shore leave too.”