[IC][Press Release]Official ThreeFiveTwo Statement RE: DED Sanctions

YC 117.06.26
352 Industries HQ
Korama V – Moon 20 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

Following the DED’s official announcement of pending sanctions against several Capsuleers, ThreeFiveTwo (registered as 352 Industries) would like to formally announce our support of said Capsuleers and extend an offer of support to any pilots in need.

Any pilot who is forced or who chooses to leave their corporation in order to protect their fellow pilots from potential sanctions is welcome to seek refuge in 352 Industries. As part of this offer, anyone claiming asylum within 352 Industries for this purpose will be have full access to all corporation assets and will be be given a full no strings attached directorship to enable them to continue to operate in all areas of space without restriction.

If you are affected by these sanctions, please contact Darth Skorpius via your preferred method of communication ASAP so that we can stay up to date on what help is needed.

Mila Hearn
352 Industries Public Relations Manager
On behalf of ThreeFiveTwo

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Militia Command,

Two Federation mining capitals, the Hundelstone and the Ironhall, early this morning had their navigation cores and jump systems compromised and were jumped into the hostile low-security system [REDACTED].

We’ve been unable to determine the nature of the attack or to fully restore their jump capability. They are currently at a safe location and cloaked up while repairs are being attempted.

We will keep you appraised of the situation as it evolves as we may require assistance from the Militia.

Transmission Two



Militia Command,

We have been unable to restore jump capability to the ships. The breach of the systems are worse than we feared. Our technicians are reporting that more of the ships systems may be compromised. They are still investigating the extent of the breach.

Transmission Three



Militia Command, The following communique is from Marla Renaez Lead Technician of the Ironhall:

We have narrowed down the breach to the implants of the Capsuleers piloting the Rorquals. An attempt was made to remove the compromised implants but resulted in destruction of the Capsuleer clone. There was a failsafe in the implants. From what we can tell the first is that destruction of the ship by overloading the jump drive. We were able to stop the sequence but the jump drives are completely destroyed. The second it appears that the implants disrupted the transmission of the Capsuleers consciousness. We have confirmed with the medical station that their transmission were not received. We are unable to gain control of the navigation systems. We will need replacement Capsuleers in order to recover the ships.

You orders are find replacement pilots for the Hudlestone and Ironhall and escort them safely back to Federation space. They are under no circumstances to dock in any Federation controlled station. We still do not fully know if any other system has been compromised. We do not want to risk the ship trying to self destruct in a station.

Once you have found replacement pilots assemble an escort fleet. This fleet should bring the capitals to the [REDACTED] system. The priority of the fleet is to get those capitals to safety. We need to run a full diagnostic to try and figure out who and how this attack was perpetrated.





[IC – Repost] Jarons Return

//Retrieved from Archives. Originally posted YC 113.11.29

Earlier today I received a message from CONCORD. It would seem that some of my files have been De-Classified. My “real” name, from before I became a Capsuleer, is one of the pieces of information contained in the files I have been sent. Jaron Hearn. A name I have not heard for a very long time, and one that I had forgotten. I still have no idea why this information was classified in the first place but my investigations are continuing, and armed with new information, I have been able to make a lot of progress in the past week. I have also received a video file from someone who claims to have been present during my Capsuleer training, I am currently attempting to verify its authenticity, then I shall publish a transcript of it.

I am also following a couple of promising leads into what caused my memory loss and hope to publish something on that in the near future. Hopefully I’ll also be able to find out how I got this damn scar and why it wont go away. I can’t say much else about these leads as the sources do not wish to be identified in any way and are using proxies to communicate with me, which also has the unfortunate side-effect of causing delays. But I’ll just have to live with it. Additionally, I have started an investigation into possible ways of reversing the memory loss, or otherwise recovering my memories.

Now that I have my real name again, I’m going to attempt to track down my family. I know next to nothing about them except that my parents died in YC 107 while I was attending the State War Academy in Kisogo and undertaking the training required to become a Capsuleer. I’ll probably start there and try to find my brother and sister, I already have a couple of leads on their whereabouts, including a message from someone at the Sisters of EVE who visited me often while I was recovering, to contact her when I have recovered; so things are moving pretty quickly on that front.