Once more unto the breach

Oh hai there. Long time no see. I’ve been a bit busy. And a little sick of late. I’ve been hi twice in the past month by a nasty cold, and had been dealing with a toothache for about 2 months until i finally got it taken care of a week ago. School is just hitting the busy period at the end of semester, with assignments due and of semester exams.

In other news, as you may have noticed, I finally found the time to update the website. It now has a fully customized layout and look, built entirely on WordPress – no HTML here aside form whats inside the PHP files that now make up the site. I don’t know nearly enough PHP to have built the whole thing from scratch myself, so I used the GeneratePress theme as a base then heavily customized it to get the look and feel that I wanted. And no I won’t be distributing this theme as it has a lot of things hard-coded into the CSS and PHP files that shouldn’t be and therefore wouldn’t work for anyone else by me. I will however be trying my hand at making a theme from scratch later in the year once I have learned some PHP in Dynamic Web next semester, I’m really looking forward to that!

I also reinstalled the entire web server, and have now set WordPress up to be a multi-site network. I mostly did this do that I could host a second blog for my eCommerce assessment, but it also allowed me to tidy up a few things on the back-end, and I am going to leave it as is. This means that I could easily start hosting other peoples blogs, if I could convince them to pay me for it. I may one day set up a second blog for myself and keep my gaming posts separate from my non gaming posts (such as this one)

I am planning to redo my CV during the break between semesters. My current one is horribly out of date and needs to be redone from scratch. It was last update probably almost ten years ago, and was created about fifteen years ago. I doubt anything on there is still relevant. I’m hoping to find someone to help me with it. Once it’s updated, I plan to start looking for some part time work, there are enough local IT companies that I should be able to find something, hopefully that pays decently.

I also need to write a proper About Us page for the website, and add a services page with the services I can offer (now including web-hosting) and the price I am going to be charging. The Home page also needs to have some proper content to replace the placeholder text that it has had since I first started creating the site last year. And finally I would like to set the footer to always be at the bottom of the screen, or below all the content, which ever is lower (I have already begun work on this).

Last, but certainly not least, I am at some point going to get someone to make me up a proper set of logos for the site to replace the ones I sketched in an old maths book (one of which you can see at the top of the page). If you wish to donate some of your time and skills to help out, please drop me a line, you’ll get full credit for your work and my eternal thanks.

That about wraps up this update. Hopefully the next one won’t be so far away. In the mean time, I have assignments to finish!

Upcoming Projects

With school almost finished for the year, I’m going to have some free time over the next couple of months to work on a couple of projects that I have been putting off due to time constraints.

First on the list is a partial rebuild of my main desktop rig that I use for gaming and dev work. I will be adding a second HDD to it, a 1Tb 7200RPM drive that I have lying around, this is going to be the main OS install drive, and will hold anything that gets installed to C drive: documents, music, downloads, user profiles and settings, You get the idea. The current 3Tb drive will contain my Steam folder, Video collection and maybe a few other games, depending on how much I decide to install to C drive. If I had the cash lying around, I’d be throwing a small SSD in as a boot drive, but that will have to wait until next year, hoping to get that done in February.

Next on the list is setting up my server. I have enough hardware lying around to build something proper, without having a PSU and CPU heatsink that aren’t actually secured to the case, and to give it a decent amount of grunt, for a home franken-server anyway. It’s going to have an 80Gb HDD as a system drive, and 1Tb HDD for files. It will be running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS as the OS, with a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack on top of it so it can server as my dev enviroment, with remote connection provided by OpenSSH. I will probably also install phpMyadmin to make managing the databases easier.

I will also be continuing to work on my website, with a plan to have a basic about page and a functioning contact page sorted by the end of the year. In addition to this, I will be continuing to mess around with the server, at least until I have my dev server set up anyway. Once that is ready, i will be able to stop making changes to the server except when I intend for the changes to be permanent. I’m also planning on setting up an email server on my current server. This work is already in progress, and I would like to have it completed ASAP, however with end of year exams next week, this may get put on hold.

And at some point, there are various game servers I would like to try my hand at setting up (Minecraft and TF2 primarily), as well as things like Vent/TS3/Mumble, Jabber/IM and probably a whole bunch more that I am forgetting to include. If you have any suggestions for game or other servers, feel free to leave a comment or send me a tweet. And if you want some help setting up a basic web server, while I’m not even close to an expert having only just started teaching myself, I’d be happy to help. I even have my Apache install set up for multiple virtual hosts, so can easily host several additional websites (provided you don’t mind a few minutes of downtime each day as I may changes to the back end configuration).

Organizational Skills. Or lack there-of.

I need to organize myself better. I have a nice long list of things to do, but no idea what to do first. And some of those things require me to do others on the list first. Others require money that i just don;t have, so they get to sit there looking sad because they aren’t going to happen anytime soon. I still intend to put up an about me post sometime soon, and am working on a post/page detailing the “projects” I am currently “working” on, as in, I have started them, but don’t know when I will next get around to working on them or if I will ever finish any of them. But that’s half the fun!

Until next time!