Week 6: 404 – Clever Title Not Found

Almost at the halfway point for the semester and things are starting to heat up! Except the weather, that’s starting to turn to shit as we approach winter. And there is only one more week to go before the term break.

Monday – Systems Administration

As always, first up this week was Systems Administration on Monday morning. An uneventful start to the week with the only thing of note that happened was we were given our first assignment – documenting our server install. Which I knew was coming and means I have to reinstall everything from scratch as I have had a few issues with it. But I will be documenting everything as I go. Due to needing to reinstall my virtual machine, it was a short class as there was no point in sticking around and starting it so I headed home and spent some quality time with my girlfriend.

I sent it my CV and cover letter for the internship I am applying for for my Industry Project next semester, should find out some time this week if and when I have an interview for it.

Tuesday – Professional Practice and Network Design

New lecturer for Professional Practice started this week. She has taken to it like a duck to water, although it probably helped that she had essentially already taught the same paper but for a non IT course, so it’s not very difficult to change and adapt to the IT focused version.

We had some group activities aimed at preparing us for our mock interviews next week as well as a PowerPoint presentation detailing what to wear and do and what not to wear and do. We should also get our results back for the CV and cover letter assignment in the next couple of days, so by the time you are ready this, I will already have my first result for the semester! (Keep reading to find out how I did!)

Then I had Network Design. A very good and informative class even though I didn’t get much done. I found out that the big assignment that is worth 50% of the papers grade isn’t actually due until June 24, not May 22 as the assignment handout we were given said, so that’s a bit of a relief as I can take my time with it a bit more now and stress about it.

Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday morning I got my result back for my CV and Cover Letter assignment. B. A bit disappointed and some of the feedback is frustrating as we weren’t told some of the things I lost marks for. Then I started rebuilding my Systems Administration virtual server, documenting things as I went, so now I have a good start to the documentation assignment. Then on Thursday I had a play around with Frenzy, so I’m almost ready to get started on my Network Design assignment. I also spent some time on both Wednesday and Thursday learning Laravel.

Jeffery Way from Laracasts.com is an amazing teacher and able to explain things nice and clearly without dumbing them down too much. The example code he provides as part of his tutorials is also very nice and easy to follow. Be sure to check him out if you want to learn web design, I believe he also has some videos on YouTube on general web design stuff.

Friday – Advanced Database Concepts

To finish off the week, it was off to Advanced Database Concepts for what is starting to become my favorite class this semester. I had planned to stay late after class in order to make sure I got everything done as I still had to finish off last weeks work, which ended up taking me a further hour, but I actually found this weeks work quite easy and was able to get it completed a lot quicker than i thought I would, so was walking out of class on schedule at 3pm.

I took the opportunity to go and have a chat with my Professional Practice lecturer and discuss my CV and cover letter assignment. I managed to get an extra half a mark out of it! Not that it changed my grade. I got a lot off good feedback from her that wasn’t included in the feedback that was returned with the marked assignment. Overall I’m much happier with my mark after having talked to my lecturer about it. Talking to my lecturer about my marks is something that I find helps as I am often able to get additional feedback about where I went wrong.

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