Weeks 2 and 3: Revenge of the Classes

Another two weeks completed! Some of these will be a bit light on details, and I didn’t get them written up on the day as my cat went missing on Monday.

Week Two


Monday did not start of well as there were no car parks at campus when I got there so I had to park down the road at a friends house and make the 5 minute walk to class, this meant that I didn’t get there as early as I hoped so wasn’t able to go and ask the lecturer to let me into the hardware lab early like I had planned. I also still didn’t have access to all my papers on Moodle, so I fired off an email to one of the lecturers before I left for class to hopefully get it sorted.

Once in class I got to work on my virtual machines and discovered an issue to the Windows 10 product key I had gotten from Dreamspark, so I fired off another email to another lecturer to see if I can get that resolved. Then I continued with setting up my virtual server as a domain controller and got that mostly ready, with the remainder to be completed later in the week.

Then my cat went missing. Nearly 3 weeks later and he still hasn’t been found. Posts have been made to several Facebook groups and pages and fliers have been handed to most of the vets around town and several businesses.


Went to class Tuesday afternoon. Left my second class early because I couldn’t really concentrate due to my cat going missing, and there wasn’t anything happening anyway, so I didn’t get behind.

Wednesday and Thursday

Nothing of note happened on these two days. I spent some time making a flier for my missing cat and searching the neighborhood looking for him.


Advanced database concepts was much more productive this week, as I had all my Moodle access sorted out and was able to actually spend the entire lesson working. Finished the lesson slightly behind as I was still catching up from the first week.

Week Three

Not much happened this week. I got caught up in Advanced databases and got my home office finally set up, So I now have a proper machine to use as my dev/work machine, complete with dual monitors.

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  1. Ugh, Windows licensing. Don’t you just _love_ DRM? Even when a license is purchased with actual money, Microsoft still treats us like criminals! And don’t get me started on the movie industry…

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