BICT 3: Revenge of the Classes

Right, it’s been a while so it’s time for an update. I have just started back at school for the year and boy has it been an interesting start.

Lets back up a few days to Thursday. What was supposed to be a simple 20-40 minute job of confirming my enrollment and classes for the year, then getting my ID card ended up with me leaving campus after an hour and a half and in a shitty mood. I discovered that I had a scheduling clash because one of the papers I thought I was doing in semester two wasn’t an option and I had to either take it semester one or drop it, which meant I had to drop a class and pick up something else. I ended up dropping Software Engineering and picking up Network Design instead, so now I have two hours of class on Mondays mornings and Fridays afternoons, and four hours on Tuesday afternoons.

Today I had my first class for the year, Systems Administration. It was mostly good. Didn’t get much done due to it being the first day of the semester but I got my login for the hardware and software labs all sorted and started setting up my profile. Unfortunately I didn’t get much actual work done and after getting home to finish what I started i discovered that i didn’t copy all the files I need for my virtual machine to my USB flash drive, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow afternoon when I’ll be in the hardware lab again for Network Services.

Aside from school starting back, I have spent a good chunk of my summer break building a new website from scratch, you can check it out at I’m planning on rebuilding how everything is setup on the back end at some point, to make it a bit easier to manage, but want to get settled back into school first, and it might end up getting delayed until next summer after I have finished my industry project, which I will be starting to source shortly.

Once I decide on how I want to organize the back end, I will be looking to integrate WordPress into my new site, the site itself will be entirely self built using the simplemvc framework with WordPress only providing the blog functionality, everything else I will code myself. I will also be redesigning the look of the site, I want to make it look less “cartoonish” and more professional, then I will build a new custom theme for the blog to match the look of the new site

I’m also hoping I get a phone call or text this afternoon or tomorrow morning to tell me my Compute Stick has arrived, so I can start getting the set up while everyone is at school and work. It’s going to be used almost entirely for streaming and watching TV/Movies (and maybe a little web browsing).

And finally, I want to try to get back into blogging more, so I’m going to try to post once a week with an update of how school is going. These posts will probably be published on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings. I also still have a couple of old fictions posts that I still haven’t republished here, so I’ll look at getting those up as part of a Throwback Thursday feature. There probably won’t be much new fiction published here for the time being as I’m not currently playing Eve Online, and I have a couple of fictions posts still sitting in my drafts folder because I’m just not happy with how they flow.

That’s it for today, look for another post on Thursday with some old fiction in it and then this weekend for a recap of how this week has been.