Fare Thee Well, Sweet Domain

The last 6 months have been rather interesting for me. School is going well and I now have a regular client who I am helping build a WordPress site and am hosting it for them. I’ve also been picking up a bit of extra tech support work via word of mouth.

I have also been working on rebuilding the sites theme, which is now live on the site. There are still a few bugs I need to sort out (the fiction sub menu when hovering on the blog menu item being the most obvious and user facing one). Then I have some back end server work to do to stop the database from falling over under load, and implement caching which will help with that.

Sadly, other circumstances have conspired against me and I will be unable to renew my sites domain name. It expires on the 12th, and after that, the URL will go no where. The site will remain available via IP address however I most likely won’t be posting again until I can get the domain name back. My hosting will be fine as that is handled separately and I still have credit with Digital Ocean.

EDIT 2015.10.08: An Eleventh hour reprieve! Thanks to my amazing girlfriend I am have been able to renew the domain. So stay tuned over the coming months for more posts and updates to the site