I can’t quit you

As some of you may have guessed after my most recent piece of fiction, I have left Aideron Robotics and am now back in my own corp, 3523 Industries. While I enjoyed Faction Warfare, and especially flying with the awesome folks in Aideron, I haven’t played much in the last 18 months. My subscription ran out in May of last year but prior to that I hadn’t really logged in much since about January of the same year as I had started back at school in February and so didn’t have much time to play. During the year I managed to get a girlfriend and move out of my parents home, which also meant I now had even less time to play, not that I could afford to.

In early December, I got 10 days of game time in an email reactivation offer, at which point I discovered our shitty internet was too shitty for me to play EVE. I logged in a little bit, by tethering my computer to my phone, but the connection was still not the best. It did however allow me to hang out with my corpmates and do some inventory management tasks. I also joined a fleet and got a couple of kills (and a loss or two). I also bought a PLEX. Then at Christmas, my amazing girlfriend bought be a six month subscription.

Sadly life kept me busy enough throughout January and early February that I didn’t much time to play. But in February I was finally able to purchase EVE: The Second Decade Collectors Edition and EVE:Source (I still have the 60 day new account code if anyone wants to buy it (for ISK) for an alt account or a friend). I love my Rifter USB hub. Then at the end of February it was back to school again. Now that the semester has ended, I now have time to play. Right as my subscription is due to run out again.

With my subscription running out, and not being able to do much of PVPing, I reluctantly made the decision to leave Aideron Robotics. My intention was to let my subscription lapse and just be another former player observing from the sidelines for a while, until I could afford to re-activate my subscription and I had the time to play. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Recent live events got me wanting to play again, if only to take part in the live events.

Then I found a PLEX that was probably left over from the stash of items I got from the Second Decade Collectors Edition. My fate was sealed and I now have a month to make enough ISK to buy another PLEX. I’ll be doing some mining, running some missions and I’m going to get into some exploration. I’m also going to get some planetary colonies running. I have three weeks before I have to be back at school and my play time becomes limited again. The more ISK I can save up during that time, the better my chance of keeping my subscription active. I’m also hoping to blog more, with the goal of getting added to the list of Fansites and the free account that comes with it. Then I’ll be able to focus my ISK/RL subscription costs on my alt account.

EVE is a fickle mistress. Who knows what the future will hold. I look forward to finding out and hope you will all join me on the journey that is ahead of me. Long may it continue.


YC 117.07.27
Fliet III – Federal Defense Union Logistic Support
Aideron Robotics Pilots Lounge

“The ship’s should be transferred to your hanger now Min”.
“Are you sure you have to leave?” Min asked sadly. “I know you haven’t been able to fly with us for a while, but that doesn’t mean you have to go.”
Jaron laughed. “It’s for the best. I’m going to be letting my pilots license lapse. It expires on the sixth and I’m not going to seek a renewal or extension.” Jaron shook his fellow pilots hand.
“It really has been a joy flying with everyone over the last 18 months. I’ll still keep in touch through all available means, but I will have restricted access to Galnet.”
“I’ll put these ships to good use, and when you are ready to return to the skies, I’ll make sure you have some ships to fly”. Min gave his corpmate a pat on the back.
“Thanks man, fly safe and give my regards to the corp”.

Jaron took one last look at his now almost empty hanger, with only his Thannatos class carrier still present, as he was not able to take it with him back to high sec where all of his other assets from Fliet had been moved to.
“Goodbye old friends. I will miss you all”
He turned and headed off to the stations clone bay to activate his jump clone that was ready and waiting for him in a station in Jolia, ready for his latest stint as a retired Capsuleer.

ThreeFiveTwo HQ,
Jolia, Sinq Laison

“Welcome back Mr Hearn, I trust your journey was uneventful?” Jarons personal assistant inquired when he emerged from the shower.
“As always” Jaron chuckled as he finished drying off. “Do you have that paper work I requested?”
“Yes Sir, I’ll have Kerrigan deliver it himself once you have looked it over and signed off on it.”
“Good girl.”
A few minutes later and he had officially left Aideron Robotics, drawing to a close his time fighting for the Gallente Federation.
“Make sure Karrigan gets this paperwork where it needs to go as soon as possible.”
“Yes sir Mr Hearn, I’ll see to it immediately”. The assistant quickly turned and left the room as fast as her heals would allow.

Jaron sat back and breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s been a long time since I was able to relax like this.”
He looked around the room.
“Fuck it,” he said out loud to an empty room. “Tell the hanger to have my Venture ready in five minutes, time to relax with some nice quiet mining.” He said into his earpiece.
“Warp drive active.” Aura was soon announcing as the Venture class mining frigate the NZN Baggins slipped into warp on its way to a nearby asteroid field. Jaron smiled to himself. This was his kinda of retirement.

[IC][Press Release]Official ThreeFiveTwo Statement RE: DED Sanctions

YC 117.06.26
352 Industries HQ
Korama V – Moon 20 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

Following the DED’s official announcement of pending sanctions against several Capsuleers, ThreeFiveTwo (registered as 352 Industries) would like to formally announce our support of said Capsuleers and extend an offer of support to any pilots in need.

Any pilot who is forced or who chooses to leave their corporation in order to protect their fellow pilots from potential sanctions is welcome to seek refuge in 352 Industries. As part of this offer, anyone claiming asylum within 352 Industries for this purpose will be have full access to all corporation assets and will be be given a full no strings attached directorship to enable them to continue to operate in all areas of space without restriction.

If you are affected by these sanctions, please contact Darth Skorpius via your preferred method of communication ASAP so that we can stay up to date on what help is needed.

Mila Hearn
352 Industries Public Relations Manager
On behalf of ThreeFiveTwo

Done and Dusted

Well that me done for the semester! Just finished my only exam and with that out of the way I am finished. Now I have 3 and a half weeks off to relax and maybe work on some stuff around home. I don’t have any major projects lined up but will be working on my CV, and am planning to put a 1Tb HDD I have lying around the house into my girlfriends PC. I’ll also likely spend some time going through some of Codecademy’s free online courses and get a head start on PHP ready for my Dynamic Web paper next semester as well as learning a bit of python and probably some Javascript as well. I may even get around to adding some proper content to the websites About Us page.

Once more unto the breach

Oh hai there. Long time no see. I’ve been a bit busy. And a little sick of late. I’ve been hi twice in the past month by a nasty cold, and had been dealing with a toothache for about 2 months until i finally got it taken care of a week ago. School is just hitting the busy period at the end of semester, with assignments due and of semester exams.

In other news, as you may have noticed, I finally found the time to update the website. It now has a fully customized layout and look, built entirely on WordPress – no HTML here aside form whats inside the PHP files that now make up the site. I don’t know nearly enough PHP to have built the whole thing from scratch myself, so I used the GeneratePress theme as a base then heavily customized it to get the look and feel that I wanted. And no I won’t be distributing this theme as it has a lot of things hard-coded into the CSS and PHP files that shouldn’t be and therefore wouldn’t work for anyone else by me. I will however be trying my hand at making a theme from scratch later in the year once I have learned some PHP in Dynamic Web next semester, I’m really looking forward to that!

I also reinstalled the entire web server, and have now set WordPress up to be a multi-site network. I mostly did this do that I could host a second blog for my eCommerce assessment, but it also allowed me to tidy up a few things on the back-end, and I am going to leave it as is. This means that I could easily start hosting other peoples blogs, if I could convince them to pay me for it. I may one day set up a second blog for myself and keep my gaming posts separate from my non gaming posts (such as this one)

I am planning to redo my CV during the break between semesters. My current one is horribly out of date and needs to be redone from scratch. It was last update probably almost ten years ago, and was created about fifteen years ago. I doubt anything on there is still relevant. I’m hoping to find someone to help me with it. Once it’s updated, I plan to start looking for some part time work, there are enough local IT companies that I should be able to find something, hopefully that pays decently.

I also need to write a proper About Us page for the website, and add a services page with the services I can offer (now including web-hosting) and the price I am going to be charging. The Home page also needs to have some proper content to replace the placeholder text that it has had since I first started creating the site last year. And finally I would like to set the footer to always be at the bottom of the screen, or below all the content, which ever is lower (I have already begun work on this).

Last, but certainly not least, I am at some point going to get someone to make me up a proper set of logos for the site to replace the ones I sketched in an old maths book (one of which you can see at the top of the page). If you wish to donate some of your time and skills to help out, please drop me a line, you’ll get full credit for your work and my eternal thanks.

That about wraps up this update. Hopefully the next one won’t be so far away. In the mean time, I have assignments to finish!