PLAYER Owned Structures: Why CCP is Wrong

This is a re-post from my last blog that I thought I would bring back to life now that CCP is conducting a survey on Structures in EVE, and so that I can link to it in my responses. Note that there are a couple of parts that are no longer relevant due to changes to the game since this was originally written (standings changes for example) but I have left them in to preserve the original context and for POSterity (yes that is a terrible pun, no I am not sorry for making it).

Also, probably no Fiction Friday this week as I haven’t had the time to sit down and write something I am happy with (I have a couple of drafts, but they aren’t anywhere near finished and I am not happy with any of them.)

You are probably wondering why i capitalized the word “Player” in the title of this post. it’s because I think that is what CCP is missing. The “Official” in-game name for them is “Starbases” or “Starbase Structures”. But that’s just a lore thing. Everyone calls them POSs, or PLAYER Owned Structure’s. I just did it again. Why? because despite the name, that’s not who actually uses them. What I mean by that, is that except in a very small number of cases, it’s Corporations and even Alliances that are using them. Yes players are the ones managing them. But how many players can say they own their own structure? Almost fucking zero.

They are owned by Corporations and usually paid for by Corporations. And unless you are in a player Corporation, you can’t have one. And even then, the mess that is Corp Roles means you have to jump through like a million hoops and have about 50 different roles to be able to make use of it. And unless you are in a one person Corp on your own, or are the CEO and have no directors in your Corp, you still don’t have sole control over it as a player. CEO’s and Directors automatically have the roles required to go and fuck with your POS. Or they can give someone else the roles to fuck with it for them. Have 5 people in Corp that all have their own POS set up? Each of those 5 people, plus any Directors and the CEO can still go can fuck with each others stuff.

CCP needs to decouple the POS mechanics from Corporations. Make it easier for individual players to have a POS without having to jump through hoops and get permission from their CEO. If this were to happen, I’m 100% certain that more players would start using this feature. There would have to be other changes made to prevent people from sitting in NPC Corps with a completely immune POS. One suggestion to prevent this is to use the fact that CrimeWatch is no longer a jumbled piece of shit and create a new flag for structures that makes them attack-able outside of War-Dec’s.

I understand that having access to a POS is an incentive for joining a player Corporation and that allowing those in NPC Corp’s to have them would change this, with that in mind, perhaps CCP could start by removing all the role requirements from POS’s. Let me set up and run my own POS without jumping through so many fucking hoops. Then let me, the PLAYER, decide how much access I want my Corp mates to have. While you are at it, let me put up a personal POS in High Sec based entirely on my own faction standings, don’t punish me because other members of the Corp ran missions for a different faction than me before I even met them (or didn’t run missions at all). If someone wants to anchor a POS for the Corp, then do the check for Corp standings. And if I change Corp’s, let me take my personal POS with me without having to take it down and put it back up again. Put the PLAYER back in Player Owned Structure.

Or, make a new type of Structure that I as an individual player can call my own. Basically player housing.

Or not. But don’t fucking tell me not enough people use the feature to warrant the Dev time needed for a complete overhaul without looking at the reasons why its not used. Make Personal POS’s possible without all the hoops and you will find more people use them. Which will mean more demand for Ice products and PI. Which is good for everyone. This could be a huge boost to industry, and would make it worth putting effort into a complete POS overhaul. POS’s affect more than just the people directly using them.

Okay, that got a little bit out of hand. But now you know how I feel.

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