Fiction Friday – Crippled Caracal

Welcome to another installment of Fiction Friday! This week’s installment is going to be a repost of sorts. A large chunk of this was originally posted on my old blog The Skorpius Chronicles Back in January 2012, however I have added to it and made some alterations. A short WARNING: this post contains a LOT of profanity. I hope you enjoy!

YC 110.09.[REDACTED]
X-7OMU – In the vicinity of Planet V

The ship slammed to a stop as it dropped out of warp. “What the fuck was that?” Screamed the crew chief. “Which one if you fucks has been messing with the inertial dampener, and why the fuck did we drop out of warp? Give me an engineering report NOW!”
“Capacitor, normal. Warp drives, normal. Sublights, normal. I’m not seeing anything wrong here Captain, everything is green.” replied the chief engineering officer. “No, wait, Neural Interface, status UNKNOWN.”
“Shit shit shit. Anything but unknown, give me offline any day, but anything but unknown. FUCK.” The crew chief was trying to keep clam. “Okay, someone tell me where the fuck we are.”
“We are near the fifth planet of the X-7OMU system, deep in null sec. Sir? Its a Sisters system.” The navigation officer was calm and to the point.

“Alright everyone. Initiate evac procedure five, two, six, six, three. And send a distress call to the Sisters, get them to come pick us up. MOVE!” With that, the crew chief started walking briskly.
“Where are you going Captain?” asked a member of the crew while the bridge crew was evacuating.
“To the gantry room, need to check his vitals, make sure hes still alive in there.” replied the crew chief. “And for the last time, don’t fucking call me captain. I’m not the captain, I’m the crew chief. The captain is floating in a pod filled with goo, and his fucking neural interface isn’t responding. now hurry the fuck up and get your ass off this boat now!” The crew chief snapped back, starting to lose his cool.

It took the crew chief longer than he would have liked to make it to the gantry room, he took a wrong turn on at least three occasions, but it could have been more, he lost track after that point. When he finally got there, he breathed a sigh of relief, soon he could get off this floating death-trap. After taking a moment to get his breath back, he briskly walked over to the holo-vid screen next to the gantry. “Fuck.” He swore as he checked his captains vitals. Elevated pulse, brain activity all over the place. “What the fuck is going on here?” He thought to himself. “This is fucking ridiculous!”

Suddenly, klaxons started blaring and lights started flashing as an alarm sounded. “What the fuck is that?” The crew chief swore to himself as he checked the screen in front of him. “Oh shit, the self destruct!” He took off running at full speed, tearing through the hallways to the nearest escape pod. he reached it in less than a minute despite being deep in the bowels of the ship. “Launch the fucking pods NOW!” He yelled at the crew who were waiting for the command to be given to launch all pods. “Tell the others to launch now,” he managed to breath as he skidded to a halt just inside the doors of the escape pod, slamming his fist on the button to close the pods doors as he did so. With less than 10 seconds to spare all pods reported they were clear of the ship. All view ports on the escape pods had faces pressed up against them as the Caracal exploded moments before the Sisters of EVE arrived.

YC 110.09.[REDACTED] (Three Days Earlier)

“Relax, I’ll only be gone for a few days.” Jaron reassured the sexy Gallente woman lying naked in his bed.
“But it’s NullSec. It’s dangerous.” She wined in reply.
“Maybe for some. But I’m a Capsuleer. Even if I get attacked, I still have my med clones to keep em safe. I’ll be back safe and sound before you know it.”
Jaron fumbled with his pants as he left the room, smiling as he glanced back at the slender naked form lying in his bed.

“Is everything ready to go?”
“Yes Mr Hearn. The supplies are all loaded and safely stowed for the journey, and the Crew have all be recalled from leave. They are being briefed by the crew chief now, Sir.”
“Excellent. I trust I can count on you to keep things under control while I am gone?”
“Yes Sir! Have a safe trip, and enjoy your time away form the empires.”
As soon as the Capsuleer was out of sight, the hanger chief wiped his brow.
“Goodbye and good riddance you egger fuck. I hope you burn in hell.”

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