Throwback Thursday – Family Reunion

Welcome to the latest edition of Throwback Thursday! This weeks installment brings to a close the “Brotherly Love” mini-arc from the original Skorpius Chronicles, aside from a small short piece that goes back to the beginning of the arc. Enjoy!

Originally posted 2012.01.06

YC 114.01.01
Osmon II – Moon 1 – Sisters of EVE Bureau

The lights in the room flickered as they turned on, illuminating its occupants as they sized each other up. One was female, the other male, both were Caldari, of Achuran decent. Neither of them spoke, just stood there awkwardly, wondering who would be brave enough to make the first move. For them, time stood still. After what felt like an eternity, the male spoke, but in reality only a couple of minutes had passed since the female had entered the room.

“Hi Marrada, its been a while.” He spoke nervously, not knowing what to say.
“Yeah, it has. Three and a half years,” Marrada replied. “Last time I saw you, your memory was shot and you barely knew who I was. That accident really messed you up.”
“Don’t remind me. That was an expensive trip to null.” Skorp replied calmly, starting to regain his confidence. “Pend Insurance refused to acknowledge the loss, claiming they had no records of the ship being insured, other than the base insurance level that all ships have. And the fittings weren’t very cheap either.”
“Yeah, they can be a bitch to deal with sometimes, thankfully I don’t have much to do with them, the Sisters have other means of insuring their vessels and employees.”

“Thanks for sending me those reports the Sisters had on my accident and the time I spent in their care while I recovered,” Skorp said.
“No problem, it was the least I could do, I just wish I could have stayed and helped you recover, but my superiors didn’t feel it was necessary, and my training had finished, so I had to leave,” she replied.
“Don’t worry about it, I barely even recognized you, and hardly knew who you were anyway, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference.”
“Yeah, well, I knew who you were, that was enough for me,” Marrada responded. “Did get the journal entries?” She asked him curiously.
“Yip, they were very helpful. Glad to see you were keeping yourself out of trouble,” he laughed.

The two siblings were sitting on the couch in the Amarr themed quarters, laughing as they shared stories with each other. They had been sitting there talking each others ear off for more than an hour when there was a knock at the door. Skorp called out and invited the visitor in. She was a small, light skinned Caldari Deteis, with a light frame. Her hair was jet black, shoulder length and tied in a pony tail. She had medium sized, perky breasts that were barely contained by the black skin-tight tank top she wore. She had a matching mini-skirt that barely reached her knees, and 4 inch high heels in black leather. She moved with the grace and poise of a dancer.

“Skorp, this is my girlfriend, Mila. Mila, this is my brother, Jaron, but he prefers to be called Skorp.” Marrada introduced them. “Mila has been keeping me out of trouble for two years now.
“I can see why.” replied Skorp, adjusting himself to avoid an embarrassing situation. “I can’t wait to get to know her better.”
“Oi, hands off, shes mine,” Marrada warned him. “Besides, I doubt you could handle her anyway, shes more of a handful than she looks.”
“We’ll see about that,” he teased.

“So, what were you doing with the lights off when i got here?” Marrada asked teasingly.
“Oh, just testing the new Ocular Implant I got for Christmas, it’s got Night Vision and Infra-Red filters, and a nice low-light setting. It’s from Genolution, brand new tech, its like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”
“I heard about those, Genolution gave one to almost every Capsuleer in the cluster,” Mila responded. “The Core Augmentation Implant set is truly an amazing feat.”
“I see someone likes to follow Capsuleer news.” Skorp nonchalantly observed. “How about you two ladies come work for me, at 352 Industries?” He asked.

“Marrada, I could use a new Personal Welfare Specialist, last one resigned just before the holidays to go take care of sick family members. Mila, I have no clue what the fuck you actually do, but I’m sure we could find something you can do for the corp. What do you say?”
“Hmm, that’s an interesting offer. I’m still on contract with the Sisters, but I’m due for another review this month, and have the option to terminate my employment without penalty then, I’ll have to think about it.” Marrada replied after giving the offer some thought. “As for Mila, well she can speak for herself.”
“Well, I’ve got another job offer I’m looking into, but in the mean time, sure, I haven’t got anything better to do. At least, not when Marrada’s busy I don’t!” Mila replied with a cheeky look at Marrada.

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