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Welcome to another Fiction Friday! It’s a bit late this week, sorry about that. I had originally started writing this with the intention of entering it into the pod and planet fiction contest, but just couldn’t get it to mesh properly in my head. It has turned into one of the longest pieces I have ever written, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. After the first few sentences, the start kinda got a bit meh, and isn’t nearly what I would like. I hope you enjoy!

YC 116.12.01
352 Industries HQ
Korama V – Moon 20 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

“Hurry up and get those supplies loaded, we are on the tight schedule and Mrs Hearn will not be happy if we miss the deadline!”
The hanger foreman wiped his brow and took another swig from his water bottle.
“Sir, we have a problem!” One of his underlings panted as he tried to catch his breath.
“What is it?” The foreman turned to face the worker.
“Someone claiming to be from CONCORD is claiming he has legal documents requiring us to stop work. Mrs Hearns license isn’t valid.”
“Fuck. Tell everyone to take sixty. Send the CONCORD representative to my office, I need to page Mrs Hearn.” The foreman wiped his brow again, a look of concern on his face.

“What is going on here Gibbson?” Marrada Hearn strode into the foremans office demanding answers.
“Ah, Miss Hearn, so glad you could join us at last.” The CONCORD representative stood up and turned to face the capsuleer. “You have a lot of gall keeping a CONCORD official waiting for nearly 5 hours.”
“And you have a lot of gall coming in here and getting in the way of a capsuleer. My license was reactivated yesterday and you damn well know it. You have 30 seconds to tell me what’s going on before my head of security gets here and ejects you out of the nearest airlock.” Marrada spat back at the official.

“We checked your license documents. There are some discrepancies we need to discuss.” The official said matter of factly.
“Well clearly you didn’t do your fucking jobs properly, because if you had, you would have seen the attached documents explaining those discrepancies.” Marrada was angry now.
“How dare you come down here and disrupt my operations without even doing your job properly. Your 30 seconds are up, either get the fuck out or I will have to thrown out. And I will be filing an official complaint.”
Marrada Turned left the room, just as the 6 foot tall Head of Security arrived to escort the CONCORD representative from the premises.

“Hey Mar, what’s happening?” A shadowy figure stood in the doorway.
“Karras! Where have you been bro?” Marrada ran up to her brother and have him a big hug. “I’ve missed you!”
“Oh you know me, I’ve been keeping busy.” Karras chuckled as he returned the hug.
“Actually, I’ve kinda been stuck in a medical facility for most of the last year.”
“What? Why?” Marrada asked with concern.
“Had a little accident about a year ago while relaxing in my quarters.” Karras sighed before continuing. “Apparently passing out and nearly slicing your own hand off is bad.”
“Damn bro, why didn’t you call or something?”
“Well, partly because I didn’t want you guys worrying about me. But mostly because I spent large chunks of time either sedated or otherwise incoherent.” Karras sat down on the sofa.
“But enough about me, what’s new with you sis?”

“Oh you know, the usual, running the corp. Just got a couple of new recruits, and am hoping to get a few more from a comms channel I frequently hang out in. Going to go on a recruitment drive.” Marrada sat down next to him.
“Sounds like fun times. Mind if I tag along? I need to get out more.”
“Sure thing. Just try to stay out of trouble. And no using knives without an adult around!” Marrada hugged her brother. “It’s good to have you around again.”

“So, how are the new recruits?” A sultry female voice drifted in from the shadows.
“Mila! You made it. How was the shuttle I sent you?” Marrada dropped her towel as she ran over to greet her wife.
“Boring as usual” Mila giggled before returning the hug and slapping Marrada on the ass.
The two capsuleers disappeared down the hallway to the bedroom, Mila shedding her clothes on the way and producing a pair of leather cuffs.
“Oh and I bought some new cuffs, lets give them a trial run shall we?” She smiled with an evil look on her face.

Four figures sat around a table, enjoying each others company and a meal together.
“When was the last time we all got together and had dinner?” One of the female asked as she had another sip of wine.
“Probably the wedding, replied one of the males, “but my memory ain’t what it used to be.”
As the group all laughed at the joke, a messenger appeared and passed a note to the other male.
“Fuck. I’m being recalled to active duty. Doc’s just gave me a clean bill of health. I’ll be on a shuttle out of here first thing in the morning.”
“Damn. Well it was nice being a family again. We’ll have to make sure we do this on a regular basis. How does the 25th sound to everything?” The female with longer shoulder length hair asked.
“Definitely. I’d better be going too, need to get back to Fliet before Marcel decides to dock my pay. Or give me POS fueling duty.”

YC 116.12.02
Marrada Hearn’s Private Hanger
Korama V – Moon 20 – Ishukone Corporation Factory

“What the fuck are you playing around at?” The foreman screamed. “Get your shit together or I’ll have you ejected out of the nearest airlock!”
The foreman was fed up with his worked fooling around and was ready to fire the lot of them, muttering to himself, he walked back to his office.
“Who do you need me to replace?” The foreman was started by the presence of his boss in his office.
“Miss Hearn! To what do I owe the pleasure?” The foreman quickly regained his composure, and offered his boss something to drink from the selection of liquor he kept in a pocked draw.
“I think you have been doing a fucking amazing job Gibbson. I’m offering you a promotion.” Marrada politely declined the drink. “I want you to be the new Chief Hanger Logistics Officer for 352 Industries.”

“Seriously? Wow! That’s such an honor!” Gibbson was ecstatic.
“This promotion will come with a hefty pay rise, but it also carries an increased workload. The plus side is you will no longer be working down here in the hanger. Instead you will be working in the corporations offices. You will now be responsible for ensuring the hangers of all corporation members are running smoothly and as efficiently as possible. This means you will have full hiring and firing authorizations.” Marrada smiled.
“Now, take the rest of the week off and go celebrate. I’ll pick up the tab.”

Marrada Hearn sat in her office, staring out the giant wall sized window into space, watching the twinkle of what was being called “Caroline’s Star” when there was a knock at the door.
“Come in!” She said still half day dreaming.
“Mar, why don’t you just grab a frigate an fly out to Vale and see it up close?” Mila Hearn suggested as she entered the office.
“Because I’m needed here, I’ve got a corporation to run, especially now that we are actively opening the doors to other pilots.” Marrada signed as she turned around in her chair to face her beautiful wife. “And I don’t have anything suitable.”
“So just go to Jita and get a Raptor or Buzzard.”
“You know I can’t fly either of those ships.” Marrada replied. “Right, on to business. You are being officially promoted. You will now be 352 Industries Chief Media Liaison.”
“About fucking time.” Mila giggled. “But in all seriousness, thank you. It has been a long time coming and it’s nice to finally get the paycheck that comes with being formally recognized.”
“Don’t celebrate too much. We’ll need you to deal with the media inquiries were are going to start receiving in a few days. We have some things planned that may make the headlines. The final timeline for these plans has not yet been determined, but things should being to pick up soon.”

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