Throwback Thursday – Ambulation Ambush

Welcome to Throwback Thurday! Today we have the third part of the main arc from The Skorpius Chronicles. Enjoy!

Originally Posted 2012.01.04
YC 113.12.31
Osmon II – Moon 2 – Sisters of EVE Bureau

A cloaked and hooded figure hurried through the corridors of the bustling space station. The comm unit in her pocket beeped. A smile crept across her face as she reads the message. It contained just two words. He’s here. She quickly disappeared down a small side corridor, knowing it would take her to her new destination quicker than the main corridor she had been following. While she walked she thought about what she was going to do when she got there. Would she hug him? Would she punch him in the face? Would she scream and yell at him? Thoughts raced through her mind faster than light speed, nervousness crept in. How would he react? What would he do? Would he be happy to see her? Would he be angry with her?

The closer to the Capsuleer decks she got, the less people there were, as was normal on most stations in the cluster. Five minutes had passed since she received the message that would change the lives of at least two people, possibly more. By now she figured he would have exited his pod and be showering to get the pod goo off, so she had at least another five before he would think of leaving his quarters, more than enough time to get through security and locate his room. She looked at her watch. “Nearly Midnight,” she thought to herself. Normal people would be tucked up in bed on almost any other night of the year, but as it was New Years Eve, most were out partying. Almost everyone she passed in the corridors had been drinking, many of them visibly so.

As a member of the Sisters of EVE, there weren’t many opportunities to drink. It’s never a good idea to drink when you are on call, and working for the Sisters means you are almost always on call, or working. The Capsuleer’s make sure of that. If you aren’t busy checking on crews, or tending to the injured from the latest Raven to dock at the station, there is a mountain of paperwork and reports to fill out. Or crew members who need to be interviewed. Part of it is the Sisters fault, so many rules and regulations that you have to follow. If you didn’t, you could have your pay docked, or be sent to the middle of null, to serve on a shit hole station in the middle of a war-zone. Still, it does have its perks. Marrada smiled as she thought of Mila’s naked body.

Hopefully her girlfriend wouldn’t be too upset that she had been deserted, especially on a night like tonight. She hated the way she sulked when she was angry. Maybe Mila would spank her, she loved a good spanking. She shook the thoughts from her head, there would be time for that later, now it was time to focus on meeting someone she hadn’t seen for more than 3 years, someone she once knew but had barely spoken to in 4 years. Someone she had looked up to when she was younger and who she hoped to get to know again. Someone who had looked after her so many times when her parents weren’t home. Who had taught her so much about life. Her oldest brother. He had visited the station she was on several times, and had even done some work for the Sisters agents that worked there.

She had been back at Sisters HQ in null sec, for a refresher course on basic first aid, and had missed out on the chance to talk to him. After her return she had been so busy that even though he was still only a couple of jumps away, she had been unable to go and visit him. But now, on the one day a year when everyone got the night off, he had come back, and she finally had a chance to meet him. She reached his room shortly after midnight, the maze of corridors and her own unfamiliarity with this particular area of the station making her journey slightly longer than she had intended. The door was open so she knocked politely, took a deep breath, and entered the room.

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