Pod and Planet Entry – After Action Relaxation

The following is based on actual events within the game, slightly altered to maintain OPSEC and because my memory is not all that great, and expanded on from an IC perspective.

YC 116.11.26
Aideron Robotics HQ
Fliet, Essence

Beep Beep Beep
Jaron checked his datapad. The message was marked as urgent.
“All available pilots X up, we need frigs ASAP!”
He grinned as he made his way to his hanger, it had been far too long since he had last seen combat and he was eager to get back into the action.
As his Merlin class frigate hummed into life, the grin got wider. “Something is about to happen that has not happened in an age,” he spoke into comms. “I’m undocking and ready to engage!”

“I have him pointed.” Jaron informed his fleet.
As his railguns started stripping away the enemy Tristan’s shields, it returned fire.
“I’m pointed. Shit, he’s got neuts! I’m capped out.” As his armor becan to bunckle under enemy fire, he prepared to warp his pod out.
“I’m down.” He calmly informed his fleet as he warped his pod back to station.

Jarons fleet swarmed the enemy catalyst.
“Point, web.” Jaron spoke clearly into comms as his fleet started stripping away the catalysts defences, causing it to explode in short order.
Jaron was finally letting himself relax, having been on edge for most of the last 10 minutes. That first kill quickly wiped the loss just minutes earlier from his mind as he focused on what the FC was saying and following the instructions he was given.

[REDACTED] 352 Industries Facility
Sinq Laison Region

The water was warm and the bubbles smelled amazing.
Beep Beep Beep
A hand reached out from the bubbles and pressed a button on the datapad sitting next to the tub.
“Dammit, can’t a man relax after a hard day’s work?” Jaron swore.
“Sorry bro. I thought I’d let you know that all my paperwork to have my license reactivated is ready.” A womans voice drifted through the datapads speakers.
“Oh, hey Mar. Cool, do you need me to sign off on anything or is everything sorted?” Jaron smiled.
“Just waiting for your approval. Want me to bring them to you?”
“Nah, I’ll jump in a ceptor and come to you, Still stuck in Niballe?”
“Yeah. They revoked my access to corp funds, so I can’t risk paying for a shuttle out of here.”

Niballe System
Soliude Region

Jaron smiled and looked out at the empty space around him as the Raptor class interceptor’s warp drive engaged, enveloping him in the glow of a warp tunnel.
“Solitude, it’s been a while.”
The station loomed large in front of him as the warp tunnel dissipated and he laid in a course to the docking perimeter.
“Docking Request Accepted” Aura informed him.

Stepping out of the shower in the quarters assigned to him, Jaron grabbed a towel and started drying off just as there was a knock at the door.
Wrapping the towel around his waist, he jabbed the button to open the door and headed to the kitchen.
“Hey sis, did you bring the documents?”
“Put some clothes on will you?” Marrada giggled.
“Ha! I only just got out of the shower! You didn’t even give me time to get dressed. Luckily there was a towel nearby.” Jaron chuckled back at his sister.
“Yeah, I brought the documents. Are you going to be here for long?”
“Nah, gotta get back to Fliet ASAP. Marcel only gave me a couple hours leave.”

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