Throwback Thursday – Sisters are Doing it For Themselves

Yes I am well aware that it is not Thursday. I don’t care. Things have been a bit crazy around here the last couple of days, and I decided I would play some EVE on Wednesday and Thursday instead of getting this post ready. I regret nothing.

This is the first part of what eventually became the main story arc of my old blog “The Skorpius Chronicles”. So for the next 6 or so weeks, I’ll be attempting to publish TWO parts each week, one of Thursdays, the other on an as yet undecided day, possibly Monday (except this week, where I’ll be posting another part tomorrow as a late Fiction Friday post as I haven’t had time to prepare anything fresh this week)

Originally Posted 2011.12.30

The following is an excerpt from the personal journal of my sister, Marrada Hearn. It was sent to me in hopes that it might contain information relevant to my search for answers as to what caused my memory loss. Read on at your own peril!

YC 110.09.[REDACTED]
X-7OMU IV – Moon 3 – Sisters of EVE Academy

Station life can be a bitch. Especially when you live deep in the lawless regions of Null Sec. On most stations, working for the Sisters of EVE has its perks, it can even get you access to the Capsuleer decks on some stations. But when the Sisters of EVE run the station, that won’t get you far. Sure, someone with my level of access can still get to the Capsuleer decks, but that’s because my job often requires it. When your job is to check on the welfare of the crews on board Capsuleer ships, you need to be able to get to those ships. You also often need to be discrete about it, as some Capsuleer’s don’t like anyone snooping around their ships, no matter who they work for. Paranoid bunch of fucks they are.

My brother is a Capsuleer, I don’t know what he is registered as in the CONCORD database, as I haven’t heard from him since he received his Capsuleers Licence from CONCORD at the end of last year. Maybe one day I’ll run into him while checking on the welfare of Capsuleer crews. I hope he is more like that Capsuleer that was recently found floating in his pod near planet five of the X-7OMU system, where i am currently stationed. He’s a really nice guy and really looks after his crews. It was his crew that alerted us to his situation. For some reason the ship self destructed, thankfully all the crew were able to get to their life rafts and evac in time. After the Caracal class Caldari cruiser exploded the pod went dark, there was no response on any channels from its occupant, it just floated there.

I think his name is Darth Skorpius, he is an Achura like myself, and he actually reminds me of my brother. I’ve been assigned to his crew, so I’ll be looking after them while they are station bound, which could be for a while. My superior’s are keeping quit on whats going on, but from what little information I could gather, there was some sort of malfunction with the pod, and there was a problem getting him out, which seems to have damaged his memory to some extent. It sounds pretty serious, a couple of my friends are Doctors and while they wont tell me much, they are really concerned. They said there could be some permanent damage, but its too early to tell. It sounds like he could be here for a couple of months as he has a long road to recovery ahead of him.

Maybe I can get to know him a bit better, although my current clearance level isn’t high enough to get me into the medical facilities where he is being kept under observation. Having access to his crew might help though, as he is likely to come and check up on them at some point, once he is well enough to do so, perhaps I’ll get to met him then. There’s even some talk that I might get assigned to his ship once he is well enough to leave again, as a sort of liaison or something, the details are still being worked out, and I’ll need some further training, most likely as a medical officer. Time will tell.

Other than that, there hasn’t been much happening around here. This station is mostly a training facility, where new employees and agents for the Sisters of EVE come to receive the training they need to carry out their jobs, so there isn’t too much excitement, except when the Capsuleers decide to stage one of their massive “fleet fights” here, then its all hands on deck. Gotta go now, I’m being paged to the capsuleer decks…

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