Lore – What is is good for?

Make sure you sing that title to the tune of “War” by Edwin Starr.

NOTE: This post is an OOC piece about the recent events in Eve Online, although there will be some parts that appear to be IC, rest assured that they are not attempting to imply that my character knows theses things and are simply a result of my writing style. On with the show!

There are many strange happenings in New Eden of late. Sansha’s running scared. The appearance of what some are now calling Carolines Star. Sleeper sites appearing in K-Space. (On SiSi only at this point) the disappearance of stargates within Jove space and the nearby “Dev Regions” (with the exception of a mall handful of systems that CCP still uses for testing). And of course the appearance of a fake Hillen Tukoss and the reappearance of the real one (supposedly). Are all of these events linked? Possibly.

Hilen Tukoss
Lets start with Hillen Tukoss. On 2014.10.24 a thread was posted in the Intergalatic Summit (IGS) section of the official forums, by the Hillen Tukoss character. This character had not been heard form since CCP Dropbear left the company, several years ago. Many players, including myself believed that CCP had abandoned the Arek’Jalaan Project and that it would be left to rot. So seeing Tukoss reappear gave many people hope that particular storyline would be revived. At the same time, many players from an IC prespective were skeptical, and questioned whether it was actually Tukoss, wanting proof that it was actually Tukoss posting those messages, and not someone pretending to be Tukoss. Others accepted that it was indeed the real Tukoss, and so followed the instructions given in the two initial posts. The second Tukoss post can be found here

Then on 2014.11.12 a third thread was posted by Tukoss. This third thread was different from the first two, with large patches of text missing, replaced by hyphens. Several players immediately took to the challenge and filled in the gaps for the rest of us who were either unable to fill in the gaps, or were just too lazy to do it ourselves. This third post claimed that the first two posts were fake.

Stargates disappearing
Next, lets talk about the disappearing stargates. So far, this is only on SiSi, so we don’t know when or if this change will make it to TQ. Nor do we know if it actually means anything. It could just be CCP trimming the database, as those gates are not accessible to players, they don’t actually need to be there. From an IC perspective, it makes no sense for the Jove to allow their gate network to be displayed to capsuleer’s. We don’t even know if the Jove need gates, they make have access to technology that makes gate travel seem primitive in comparison, think jump drives that don’t need cyno’s.

Some players have suggested that the removal of these gates is related to the events currently taking place on TQ and that it indicates that something cataclysmic has happened in Jove space, but I don’t think so. I don’t believe it has anything to do with current events, and is either a trimming of the DB, or a change meant to imply that the Jove no longer need start gates.

K-Space Sleeper Sites
IMO, this is clearly a part of the current storyline. Although I don’t know how yet, I am convinced that has something to with what’s happening with the lore. Otherwise, it’s too much of a co-incidence that Sleeper sites are appearing in K-Space at the same time that Hillen Tukoss has reappeared, Carolines Star appeared and the Sansha have apparently shat their pants and run away (more on that in a moment). OOC, I can see why they have released these new sites, more content, and they serve as a way to introduce some new loot (polarized weapons). But CCP have tied them to Sleepers. I don’t think that is an accident, I think it is done intentionally and that it relates to the other events I talk about in this post (except the stargates on SiSi, those are just a red herring).

Sanshas Nation
Now lets talk about Sanshas Nation. They recently decided to evac from an incursion by using stargates, rather than the usual wormholes. This is so far out of the normal that it raised mroe than a few eyebrows, and set several players off on a manhunt, searching for the Sansha forces in the nearby systems. They ultimately found nothing, but it was shortly after this event (and I think possibly during the search for Sansha forces) that the next item on the list was discovered, but we’ll get to that shortly. For Sanshas Nation to be running away from an incursion using stargates, something big must have happened, and it probably won’t be good news for the rest of us either.

Carolines Star
Finally we come to the most recent part of the storyline. Dubbed “Carolines Star” by players, a bright anomaly has appeared in the sky visible in all systems in the cluster, except W-Space. No one knows what it is or what it means yet, but it’s probably going to be awesome, seeing as the last time something like this happened, we got w-space a year later. This almost definately ties in with the upcomign Rhea release and the other storyline events that are currently happening. So far, Carolines Star has been triangulated to the W477-P system in the UUA-F4 region, one of the regions we can’t access (and one of the regions whose stargates are no longer present on SiSi, which is probably why some players think said disappearing gates are tied to current events, but I remain unconvinced).

So how are all of these events connected? I have no fucking clue, but I look forward to finding out. And I’m looking forward to what CCP has in store for us in the coming months. Bring on Rhea in a couple of week, and Merry Christmas to us all!

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