Fiction Friday (Or Throwback Thursday Part 2) – Sister Act

Welcome to another exciting Fiction Friday. Okay, maybe this one isn’t so exciting. I’ve been lazy this week, playing EVE like some kind of monster instead of blogging like some kind of, well, like some kind of Rixx Javix! [Disclaimer: I am in no way implying that Rixx doesn’t play, just that he happens to have a blog. And that he posts on it. Sometimes a lot. And he smells funny. Funny haha, not funny Peculiar]

Here we have the second part of the main arc from The Skorpius Chronicles. And the first part of what I previously called the “Brotherly Love” series, I have dropped that moniker this time around, as I don’t think it fits very well. On with the show!

Originally Posted 2012.01.02
Originally Titled Brotherly Love Part 1: Sister Act

The following is another excerpt from the personal journal of my sister, Marrada Hearn. As with the first, it was sent to me in hopes that it might contain information relevant to my search for answers as to what caused my memory loss.

YC 110.09
X-7OMU IV – Moon 3 – Sisters of EVE Academy

Well shit. Things have certainly become interesting around here in the last two weeks. That Capsuleer I was writing about last time? Turns out he actually is my brother! The Doctors entered his DNA into the sisters Database and it came back as being a sibling match to mine! Further tests have proven it! Wow! I didn’t think I would see my brother again so soon! Karras will be thrilled to hear it when he gets my next letter. The Doctors haven’t told him yet, they say he is still too fragile, and that there was evidence that he had suppressed memories, and that as there were no records in any Database they could find that indicated he had any family, indicating that he may have suppressed the fact that he had a family.

My brothers Caracal was recovered yesterday. There’s not much of it left as the reactors went critical and exploded, destroying most of the ship, but the bridge was largely intact, and the Sisters were able to recover a large amount of data. Something happened to the Capsules Neural-Interface, the Engineers are completely baffled – they haven’t seen anything like this before, and these are some of the best Engineers in the cluster. When the ships Crew Chief discovered that the Capsule was no longer in control of the ship he realized that something was wrong, and initiated evacuation procedures. Then he activated the ships distress beacon, alerting the Sisters to the crews plight. The reason why the ship exploded is still unknown, the data is still being shifted through.

Today I met my brother for the first time in 9 months! The Doctors say his personality is intact, but he is still suffering from memory loss, he doesn’t remember much from the last 4 years. He’s different than I remember him, hes lost his “bad boy” attitude, and is generally a much nicer person than he was when I last talked to him after he got his Capsuleers Licence from CONCORD. He is no longer self-centered, showing much more concern for concern for others than I remember. His crew is very well paid, more so than most crews on-board Capsuleer ships, and they all have a very nice life insurance policy, meaning if they die, their families can live in luxury. They also get access to some of the best health care in the cluster, any health issues are paid for by my brother.

I had hoped to be assigned to my brothers crew, but my superiors have another mission for me. My training is finished and I have been given my first official assignment as a member of the Sisters of EVE. I’ll be leaving for low sec tomorrow, travelling via cyno jump, on-board a Chimera class Caldari Carrier. Our route and destination have been classified for Op Sec, but once we arrive at our destination, I’ll have a day to relax in station, before my shuttle to high sec leaves. My end destination is the Sister of EVE station in Osmon, where I’ll be stationed for the foreseeable future. I’m really excited about receiving my first assignment, but disappointed that I wont be able to be with my brother as he recovers, he could really use some support.

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