Throwback Thursday – Four More Years!

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Throwback Thursday is going to run alongside Fiction Friday as a regular feature but unlike Fiction Friday which will mostly contain new and unpublished content, Throwback Thursday will be used to re-post old material from my last blog. And when I run out of old content, I’ll find other old content from others to re-post (if they let me) or simply throw a spotlight on (if they don’t let me). So if you have some old fiction content you would like to have (re)posted, or would like to get more people reading, send me an EveMail (character name “Darth Skorpius”) or hit me up on Twitter. You can also contact me via those same methods if you have some new fiction that would want to publish, but don’t want to start your own blog for it (full credit will be given).

This first Throwback Thursday piece is significant in that it was the first real piece of fiction I ever wrote, I had written various in character posts in various places (and in a few other games too!) But had never created an actual story. It was written to celebrate the end of my fourth year playing Eve. That was three years ago and I am about to start my eight year, which I find incredible. Soon it will be time to start planning my ten year anniversary!

Originally published 2011.12.22
//Begin Transmission

YC 109.12.26 02:25
Kisogo VII – State War Academy School

The room was dimly lit, the only light source was a Holo-Vid Screen attached to one wall to the left of the doorway. Opposite the doorway the wall had been replaced by a floor to ceiling window, looking out over the hanger below. To the right, was a small kitchenette, nothing fancy, just the basics. A couch sat facing the Vid Screen, and a small coffee table with several large cushions for seats sat behind the couch. To the left of the Vid Screen was a doorway leading to a small unlit hallway.

As a small Datapad on the coffee table blinked and beeped, Jaron Hearn stumbled out of the hallway silently swearing to himself. “Who the fuck is calling at this time of night?” he asked himself, still half asleep. Picking it up he noticed the caller was listed as ‘State War Academy’. He swore to himself before pressing the answer button.
“Who are you, and what the fuck do you want?” he snapped.
“Hello Mr Hearn, my name is Toiniainen Omu, I am an Agent working for the State War Academy on the station in orbit of planet seven of the Kisogo system, although I’m sure you already knew most of that.” The caller was Caldari and looked no different from any other Caldari citizen.
“Get to the point so I can get back to sleep,” Jaron demanded.
“Very well,” Toiniainen responded. “I am delighted to inform you that your request for a CONCORD Capsuleer’s Licence has been accepted, effective immediately. When you are ready, please come to my office so we can take your licence photo and validate your chosen alias. Then I have a few basic missions for you to carry out in order to ease you into your new life as a Capsuleer. I will also provide you with your first ship, an Ibis class Rookie Frigate. It’s uglier than Slaver Shit, but it will do for a start. Congratulations and welcome aboard!”

Jaron was speechless. After that ugly incident at his graduation a few months previously, where he had been brainwashed into attacking his lecturers, he had thought all his hopes of ever being granted a Capsuleer Licence has gone out the window. He was lucky not to be in prison and had endured over a month of interrogation during which he was locked away in the stations holding cells. If it wasn’t for his parents life insurance policies, he and his siblings would have been left with nothing.

The Datapad beeped again. Jaron picked it up, all thoughts of sleep had now disappeared from his mind, it was time to party!
“Hey Sis, whats happening?” he asked cheerfully.
Marrada, Jaron’s sister was on the other end. “Hey Skorpy, you sound cheerful for 2am, you get laid or something?” she asked jokingly.
“Nah Sis, just got my Capsuleer Licence, all our money problems are no more!” Jaron yelled.
“Oh shit! wait until Karras hears about this! Mum and Dad would be so proud!”
Smiling, Jaron asked “What did you want to talk about?”
“Oh, nothing important, it can wait.” replied his sister, with an equally big grin on her face. “I’ll talk to you later, I’m going to tell everyone we know!”

Jaron put down his Datapad and jumped with joy. He walked down the hallway to the bathroom and got in the shower. After a nice relaxing shower he got back into bed. 12 Hours later, he dressed and headed to the Agent levels of the station, using the temp ID the agent who called him had given him. He paused as he reached the agents office, then he Knocked on the door. A voice called out “Come in.” He took a deep breath, then pushed the door open and entered.

//End Transmission

The preceding story is an original piece of Fan Fiction written by myself to celebrate a milestone. My character will be 4 years old in a couple of days. When I was planning my fiction contest I had planned on posting the winners on my characters 4 year anniversary, but that plan went out the window when I didn’t receive as many entries as I was expecting.

The last 4 years have been pretty interesting for me. I’ve lived in 0.0 a couple of times, with different groups, and I’ve hung out in Hi Sec quite a bit. This last year has been the most interesting for me. After taking a break from Eve I left the 0.0 corp i was in and headed back to Hi Sec to try and build up my wallet and make my alt corp into something other than a place for my alts to hang out. Then Pyro scammed me into join Legion of Darkwind. I ran my first community contest that was sort of successful, even getting CCP to donate a pair of PLEX. Then I made the stupid decision to start this blog, what the fuck was I thinking.

Where will the next four years take me? Who knows, but it sure is going to be fun finding out! I hope you will all join me on this journey, as it should be a blast!

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