Organizational Skills. Or lack there-of.

I need to organize myself better. I have a nice long list of things to do, but no idea what to do first. And some of those things require me to do others on the list first. Others require money that i just don;t have, so they get to sit there looking sad because they aren’t going to happen anytime soon. I still intend to put up an about me post sometime soon, and am working on a post/page detailing the “projects” I am currently “working” on, as in, I have started them, but don’t know when I will next get around to working on them or if I will ever finish any of them. But that’s half the fun!

Until next time!

New Beginnings

I’ve decided to start blogging again, and to start my own website. This blog is where I’ll talk about my latest adventures in Tech, Web Design and Software Development. The blog and web site will be a work in progress and will be used to experiment with HTML and CSS code. I may even try my hand at some Javascript later in the semester.

I’ll throw up a proper about me post later in the week and will be tweaking the design/layout of the blog over the next couple of days. For now, I have a Software Fundamentals exam to study for! Wish me luck!

Anyone who has stumbled across this site before today will have now noticed that all the posts have gone. I had imported all the old posts from my original blog, which is still up and hosted on Over time, I’ll probably resurrect a couple of those posts here to show off some of my past work but for now they will remain in the post graveyard here, and available on WordPress for anyone who cares to go looking for them. I also had a self hosting blog running wordpress for a while, but have sadly lost a large chunk of the posts from it as I have lost the backup I made of it when I ended my hosting for it (Internet Archives only had a partial copy of it sadly). If anyone knows of a way to recover it when the original hosting is long gone, let me know.